Movie Picture{0} Speilberg, in a recent interview, revealed to Access Hollywood that {1} is a go, and he'll be sitting in the directors chair!

Steven Spielberg has confirmed to "Access Hollywood" that Harrison Ford is on board for Indiana Jones IV and that production is slated to begin in 2004 for a 2005 release. Spielberg told Pat O'Brien that the new script is written and has been approved, and that he will direct the project himself."

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King Conan:IGN Filmforce got in touch with some of the people that hold the rights to the next Conan movie to clear up some rumors that have been running rampant lately:

IGN FilmForce has been informed by sources in the know that Conan Properties, Inc. has reached an agreement with Warner Brothers allowing the studio to renew their option on the Conan characters. Whether or not Milius and Schwarzenegger will still be involved remains unclear but our sources indicated that the Wachowski brothers are definitely out of the picture.

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Pirates of The Caribbean: A scooper at Coming Soon has revealed that we might be seeing a trailer for Pirates in front of copies of The Tow Towers this Wednesday:

"A trailer for PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN will most likely be with many prints of LOTR:TT. Beuna Vista is shipping out these trailers a combo of FINDING NEMO and POC to be placed w/ it."

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Neverland: A scooper at Ain't It Cool recently saw a rough cut of Neverland this week in which he has now come to reveal some juicy bits:

The story is about playwright and creator of Peter Pan J.M. Barrie played by Johnny Depp who once again fits the role like a glove. His character includes a Scottish accent which Depp never drops and the accent isn't a bad Connery impersonation. It's that good. This is nothing new to Depp who continues to be a great actor who while comes off weird never fails to please us (See Fear and Loathing Las Vegas to know what I mean).

The movie is set in early 20-Century England (The movie didn't specify the year). It begins with Barrie watching the audience watch his latest play which doesn't go well. Soon enough Barrie is back at trying to come up with ideas. This is how the movie may seem like a rip-off of Shakespeare in Love. Yes,both movies focus on writers of great fiction. Yes, there are moments that pretty much show how the writer got his ideas for his works. But Neverland is not a rip-off of Shakespeare in Love for the fact it fills it's own purpose.

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League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: No trailer for the movie will be appearing before Star Trek: Nemesis tomorrow, according to IGN Filmforce. No reason for the no-show, but we'll keep you posted with any updates.

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Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: Last but not least, the best footage online to date has hit the web of the new movie. Take a look by clicking the 'Extremly Revealing TV Spot' link on this page. It's filed under TV SPOTS! Have fun!

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