Movie PictureWhere's Speilberg hiding to avoid projectile throwing from angry movie goers who sat through the last half hour of A.I? According to Trey Parker's {0} (conveniently titled {1}), he' s runnin the Jaws ride over on their infamous tram tour. Check out the shenanigans in this entertaining corporate inside joke starring the likes of Sylvester Stallone, James Cameron and many other famous people demeaning themselves for the sake of plastic deer ornaments and wine coolers. See what I'm talking about {2}.Remember the days of Nintendo? The days when {3} was allowed to have his own video game and the graphics for Super Mario Brothers 2 were both revolutionary and lifelike? Get yourself a quick pixilated flashback by checkin out the 8-bit euphoria that is {4}! Entertaining for both old school video gamers and movie goers alike, these two dozen or so flash films are gonna make you wish it still took a {5} course to get modern systems going.

To all those artsy film folk who worship the AFI top 100 films of all time list: Citizen Kane is comin to town on both DVD AND VHS (VH what?) September 25th. While it may not compare to Nintendo movies, it does sport Orson Wells in his second best role, only topped by playing Unicron in the Transformers movie. Note: Infamous critic Roger Ebert will do audio commentary. Attempts to use Orson Wells for this special feature proved very messy and scary..along with religiously offensive.

Have fun...~Steve