Want to make it in the movies? Don't do it the Richard Hahn way. The 30 year old man was arrested on January 11th for trespassing in Steven Spielberg's office, and a judge ordered him to stay 150 yards away from Speilberg, his family, his house, and his office. When arrested, he claimed he was an extra in "Ocean's 11" and "Third Watch", as well as giving a false name and birthdate. Hahn said "My only objective was to make contacts in the movie industry". How about hiring an agent?

(Source: Associated Press)

Fantastic Four: Looks like Doug Petrie, best known for writing/directing the TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer is going to be writing the script for the forthcoming Fantastic Four movie. I hope to God it's better than that old Roger Corman version. It has to be, right?

(Source: BBC)

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:Sean Connery has officially been cast in the movie based on the Alan Moore series.

(Source: IGN Filmforce)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Foxy Brown:*sigh* Doesn't Hollywood have ANY fresh ideas anymore? A remake of that 70's blaxploitation movie Foxy Brown is underway at MGM, while production starts in the spring for a reconceptualisation on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

(Source: Dark Horizons)