Mark Wahlberg may be one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood at the moment, but that does not mean that there aren't many, many people who would relish the opportunity to see him take an onscreen beating. Well, you may now have that chance, as director Peter Berg says his upcoming movie, Spenser Confidential features just that very thing. By the sounds of it, Wahlberg is due to get his butt kicked, and get his butt kicked quite a lot.

"He gets the (stuffing) beat out of him about every 15 minutes. It's very enjoyable."
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Though every 15 minutes sounds perhaps a little excessive, director Peter Berg seems to have enjoyed every stuffing beating second of it. You might even say that Berg got quite a kick out of seeing his leading man land on the receiving end of so many beatings, as according to him, this allowed Wahlberg to lean heavily into his comedic side. Of course, anyone who has seen Walhberg's comedic output knows what a treat this can be.

Berg went on to discuss the movie further, opening up about the relationship between Walhberg's Spenser and Winston Duke's MMA fighter, Hawk, two characters thrust together thanks to circumstances who, as is often the case, do not get on very well, at least initially.

"They are two guys who have absolutely no interest in each other and are forced to basically be roommates. It's a relationship that starts off with a fair amount of hostility and then turns into something much more emotional."

Although the pair will start off as the typical odd couple, eventually they are sure to become best pals, after Wahlberg takes a few beatings, obviously. But, much like the many, many odd couples before them, they will no doubt fall into each other's arms by the end and become the ultimate detective team. Though Wahlberg has no doubt gotten used to playing the tough, intimidating type, Duke is much bigger than him, and his character is an MMA fighter, so the smart money is on Mark Wahlberg hitting the ground a lot should the two come to blows.

Spenser Confidential finds Mark Wahlberg bringing author Robert B. Parker's old-school detective into 2020 in this Netflix action comedy. Having just been released from prison, ex-cop and now ex-felon Spenser becomes embroiled in a Boston crime spree and is forced to partner up Winston Duke's Hawk, a brash MMA fighter, in order to dish out some justice and solve a murder. Alongside Wahlberg and Duke the movie also stars Post Malone, Alan Arkin, Iliza Shlesinger, Bokeem Woodbine, Cassie Ventura, and Donald Cerrone.

Spenser Confidential finds director Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg teaming up for the fifth time, with the actor-director duo having teamed up on the likes of Deepwater Horizon,Mile 22, Lone Survivor and Patriots Day. Despite this, Berg has loved seeing Wahlberg take a beating, and you can enjoy it too when the movie arrives on Netflix on March 6. This comes from USA Today.