While Emma Stone was busy doing press for her latest movie Aloha, she was asked multiple times if a Spider-Gwen movie was a possibility. The proposed solo adventure would find Emma Stone's Gwen Stacey picking up the mantel left behind by Peter Parker's Spider-Man to become a superhero herself. At the time it sounded a little far-fetched that a Spider-Gwen movie would happen anytime this decade. But that may not be the case. As it turns out, a Spider-Gwen movie may very well be in the planning stages at Marvel and Sony.

There is still much we don't know about the Marvel/Sony Spider-Man deal. We do know that a new Peter Parker will first be introduced in a Marvel/Disney movie, most likely Captain America: Civil War. And that a solo Spider-Man reboot will arrive in 2017. We're also getting our first-ever feature-length Spider-Man Animated Movie from the makers of The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street. Now it seems that Spider-Gwen could be the next project announced, which comes after much speculation that Sony was going to announce an All-Female movie revolving around Spider-Man characters such as Spider-Woman and Black Cat.

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Spider-Gwen was meant to appear only in the Spider-Verse and Edge of Spider-Verse comic titles. But Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter, Kevin Feige's boss, green-light a solo series for the character, which has become nothing short of a phenomenon amongst comic readers. This is the same man who pushed Marvel Studios to start making live action movies, he sold Marvel to Disney, is Disney's largest single shareholder, and moved the Star Wars comics license to Marvel.

The Spider-Gwen storyline finds Gwen in a parallel universe getting bit by a radioactive spider, and has Peter Parker dying. Bleeding Cool first reported the news of Ike Perlmutter signing off on the title. And they speculate that Spider-Gwen may have been in the planning stages all along, even as news of an all-female Spider-Man movie began making the rounds. It would work to rejuvenate the franchise, and take it in a completely new direction. Though, the original storyline is set in an alternate reality, so it would not exist alongside the Spider-Man reboot. The good news is, because it does take place in an alternate timeline, Emma Stone could certainly return to reprise the character. It is noted that Isaac Perlmutter wanted to capitalize on a Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman at Marvel Comics before Sony could get to it. The character is expected to be a big part of Marvel's recently announced "All-New, All-Different" line of comic books. So? Will 2017 mark the year Sony and Marvel change history with a Spider-Gwen movie? While nothing has been confirmed by either studio, a lot of signs are pointing to 'yes'!