Spider-man 2: Our friends at SuperHero Hype got ahold of some great production news from an inside source this weekend:

Many set designs and photos were sent to Treyarch for the next video game. RELATED: Venom Vs. Spider-Man Crossover Teased in Quickly-Deleted Art Shared by Tom Hardy

Also, he spilled that Spidey will get his butt kicked in quite a few scenes. He witnessed a lot of second unit production work, including Spidey being tossed through a bus and a subway car.

He also saw some early CG work of some great arial battles. According to my friend, most of the stunt work will far surpass that of the orginal movie. The wire work is looking very good.

Lastly, the third movie will be set-up in this film. He said Doctor Connors has a very small role in the film. There is no Eddie Brock character. However, John Jameson will be Mary Jane's new boyfriend. Unfortunately, my friend wouldn't comment on her wedding dress.

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