Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy featuring Tobey Maguire in the main lead is widely considered one of the best comic book trilogies ever made. What made the series stand out was the great roster of super villains, especially the Green Goblin, played by Willem Dafoe, and Doctor Octopus, played by Alfred Molina. A video emerged on Twitter recently of a behind-the-scenes moment from the set of Spider-Man 2, where Dafoe tries his hand at being Doc Ock.

The scene takes place near the beginning of the film, back when the multi-limbed supervillain was just regular old Otto Octavius, a brilliant scientist working on a new form of energy source using two pairs of mechanical, prehensile arms. Willem Dafoe can be seen channeling the good doctor, loudly describing the details of the current experiment to reporters even as the environment around him goes haywire in the presence of the new energy source, to be CGIed in later.

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Alfred Molina and Sam Raimi can be seen laughing in the background, clearly enjoying the sight of Dafoe going all-in on another Spider-Man supervillain after receiving widespread praise for NEklmqklo9q0mr||his turn as the Green Goblin} in the previous movie. While Dafoe does not appear in that particular scene in the actual film, he does have a cameo later near the end, when Green Goblin aka Norman Osborn's son Harry hallucinates sees his father in the mirror, who then mocks him for not having avenged his death at the hands of the webbed wall-crawler.

The footage goes to show just how much fun everyone was having while filming the Spider-Man films, from the actors to the director. That was a different time for comic book movies, which were looked down upon in some circles as trashy b-movies unworthy of serious actors. Dafoe, who was known for taking challenging roles in critically acclaimed movies, has spoken about how his friends were surprised when he took the role of Norman Osborn. For the actor, however, the experience was a welcome change of pace, and he enjoying hamming it up for the camera as the Goblin and doing a lot of the stunts himself.

While Dafoe is clearly having a blast playing Otto Octavius, the role truly belonged to Molina, who brilliantly portrayed the character of a good man taken down a dark path because of his ambitions, before ultimately finding redemption at the cost of his life. This would also be the actor's final appearance in a live-action superhero film, although he has provided voice work for several animated features in the genre.

Dafoe would go on to play the role of trusty advisor Vulko in DC's Aquaman and has expressed an interest in playing the role of Joker, a favorite piece of casting among fans. Meanwhile, Raimi will be returning to the Marvel universe as the director of the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, a superhero who was actually namedropped in Spider-man 2 in connection with Doc Ock.