According to Variety, Spider-Man 3 has had the biggest opening day ever in 10 countries. The film has run right past its predecessors, grabbing handfuls of cash left and right. Within twenty-four hours, Spidey has already earned 29.2 million. The first two films combined barely eked out 26.2 million on their opening days.

Before this current windfall, Spider-Man 3 broke all kinds of box office records in Asia. Now it is clearly dominating Europe, with huge opening-day numbers in France, where it took in $6.8 million, and Italy, which nabbed $4 million. Heck, even Germany loves the arachnid. The film webbed up about $4.6 million in that country alone.

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And let's not leave Belgium and Egypt off the list. Both of those countries really wanted to see Spider-Man 3 too. More key openings are to follow in China and Russia.

Sam Raimi's latest epic opens in the US and the UK on May 4th.