Tom Holland has every reason to feel a bit "emo" following Spider-Man's departure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so perhaps the newest deepfake video to hit the web is quite appropriate. Those of us who remember watching Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 can never forget the infamous scenes of Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) going through an apparent dark phase when the Venom symbiote begins taking control of his body and mind. Because of his new attitude, hairstyle, and black clothing, this version of Parker as been constantly referred to as "emo Spider-Man" by fans. It has been used in countless memes for many years, but a new deepfake video with Holland replacing Maguire is certainly the most entertaining take on it yet.

Over five minutes of footage is used to really give viewers an idea of how it would be to see Tom Holland in the previous Spidey movie. In the video, Holland's face is digitally inserted to replace Maguire as the Spider-Man 3 version of Peter Parker. It begins with the scene used the moment when Harry Osborn (James Franco) tells Peter about the way he kisses Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst), leading to a fight between the two. Also included is the scene where Peter threatens Eddie Brock (Topher Grace), Peter's suave strut around the city, and, of course, the legendary dance moves the character is best known for.

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Deepfake videos like this are certainly nothing new, as several have gone viral in recent months. Some of the other most notable ones include Jim Carrey as Jack Torrence in The Shining, Sylvester Stallone as the Terminator in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and Steve Buscemi's face placed over Jennifer Lawrence's. Watching one can easily lead you down a rabbit hole to check out the rest. One can't help but wonder if the new trend is what led to the recent decision to greenlight a reboot of the John Travolta and Nicolas Cage face-swap movie Face/Off.

Spider-Man fans need videos like this at a time when the character was given some very bad news. Following a disagreement between Disney and Sony, Peter Parker was dropped from the MCU. Although there are still plans to continue using Holland's version of the character in future Sony movies, there will apparently no longer be any connections to the events from the Avengers movies. Given that the character was being set up for a prominent spot in the MCU moving forward, yanking Spidey from the movie universe creates a tremendous void that has left much of Holland's fans feeling unhappy.

Holland may be out of the MCU, but we definitely haven't seen the last of him just yet. Perhaps his exit merely opens the door for him to actually cross over with Tom Hardy's Venom, which would be pretty amazing in its own way. In any case, seeing Holland acting out Spidey's most controversial moment is nothing short of hilarious. The Holland in Spider-Man 3 deepfake video comes to us from Aldo Jones on YouTube.

Jeremy Dick