J.K. Simmons could appear in Spider-Man 3 as Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson. The actor stunned fans when he appeared in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Ever since then, Marvel Cinematic Universe devotees have wondered if he'll be making a return. In a new interview, the actor discusses possible upcoming appearances in the MCU while also reflecting on his first audition for Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man installment.

Mysterio framed Peter Parker at the conclusion of Spider-Man: Far From Home and J. Jonah Jameson delivered the news to the world. Since then, Sony and Marvel Studios put up a fictional Daily Bugle website with some messages from the angry editor, mostly taking aim at Spider-Man and Peter Parker. For many, this proves that J.K. Simmons will be returning. Simmons had this to say about expecting his return.

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"I don't know if I would use the word expect... It's great to have the opportunity, as these things evolve, to be one of the holdovers from the previous version."

While J.K. Simmons isn't revealing much, it has been confirmed that he signed on for multiple movies, though the studio holds the option as to whether or not they'll bring him back or not. Marvel Studios and Sony are working in secrecy, so we're not going to get any concrete answer from anyone, especially this early in the development of Spider-Man 3. With that being said, Simmons also took some time to reflect on his very first audition for Sony. He explains.

"The producers and the people at Sony, they needed to be convinced, because obviously, there were a lot of much more high-profile actors that they had in mind that would help with the box office... It was very nerve-wracking."

In the end, J.K. Simmons proved to be a great fit for the role of J. Jonah Jameson. However, it doesn't sound like the audition process was very easy for the actor. He recalled the specific scene that he had to read through and it sounds like every actor's nightmare. You can read what Simmons had to say about his audition below.

"It included a scene where the Green Goblin breaks through the windows and picks me up by the throat, lifts me up in the air, and is strangling me. I'm holding the script pages, reading the scene on the audition, but then at the same time, trying to... pretending I'm being lifted by the neck and choked."

Spider-Man 3 was supposed to go into production this summer, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen, for obvious reasons. Cities across the United States are starting to explore opening movie theaters and starting Hollywood productions up again, but not everybody is ready for that to happen. Director Spike Lee certainly isn't ready to get back to work and he won't be heading to a movie theater any time soon. The interview with J.K. Simmons was originally conducted by People.