Spider-Man 3 will begin production in July of this year. In addition, we have learned where the production will take place. Spider-Man: Far From Home took Peter Parker all over Europe, but that isn't going to be the case this time around, though he will be going off to another country. While this is exciting news, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are more than likely just happy that Tom Holland is back for a few more movies before Sony takes sole ownership of the character again.

In addition to Marvel Studios' usual spot in Atlanta, Georgia, Spider-Man 3 will take off to Los Angeles, New York, and Iceland. While we don't have any story details yet, we do know that Peter Parker is probably going to have to go into hiding after the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Mysterio framed the young hero and he will likely be on the run now that his identity has been revealed. Hanging at Aunt May's in New York isn't going to be too easy.

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Marvel Studios does most of its projects in Atlanta and Spider-Man 3 will be no different. The franchise spends a decent amount of time in New York, so it will be interesting to see how Los Angeles and Iceland come into play and how they affect the story. Will Peter Parker have to travel to Iceland to get away from everything, or will there be a new threat there? Will Kraven the Hunter be introduced? For now, we'll just have to wait and see what Marvel Studios and Sony have cooked up for this new adventure.

Spider-Man 3 will probably be the last movie in the franchise that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has any involvement in. We'll also see Tom Holland in at least one more Marvel Cinematic Universe project before Sony takes over. We could very well see some ties to the MCU and Sony's Marvel universe, which includes Morbius the Living Vampire and Venom. We do know that Holland is in talks to join the cast of Venom 2, which the studio has not denied. If he ends up in the sequel, fans will be very happy.

Sony is going after their own take on the MCU, which isn't going to be easy. So far, the Venom movie is all they really have on their own and the sequel will be watched like a hawk at the box office, as will Morbius the Living Vampire. Bringing Tom Holland into this world will certainly get people in seats, but it will take some great writing to keep everything moving and successful. Sony's biggest movie of all time is Spider-Man: Far From Home and they clearly don't want to share the character for any longer than they have to, despite the great success the partnership has brought together. ComicBook.com was the first to report the news.