Spider-Man 3 made its World-Wide debut Monday in Tokyo. According to Variety, stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst endured a rain-soaked red carpet to usher in the film.

Spidey 3 continues the ongoing daily struggles of Peter Parker, who is dealing with love, life, and the secret identity of being a super hero. New villains include Venom and Sandman.

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Whether or not this will be Maguire's last turn in the red & blue suit is still up in the air, "I feel like this film is kind of a natural conclusion to a lot of stuff that's happened in the first two movies ... It kind of feels like a natural trilogy," Maguire said while on the red carpet. He went on to say that if a good enough story presents itself, he may just suit up again.

Spider-Man 3 opens May 1 in Japan and May 4 globally.