Producer Grant Curtis has updated the official Spider-man 3 blog over at where he answers fan questions about the movie and the production of the film.

The extended page is a hefty read as Curtis has responded to numerous questions about the film from the fans. Here's a clip...

The trailer is awesome and I can't wait for the movie. But I'm a little concerned about multiple villians in the movie. I have a small fear that the Spider-Man movies may go the same way the Batman movies went.

B, You bring up an interesting point. I think the answer to this would make a great weblog. Thanks for the idea. Grant

I can't wait for this movie!! I'm just wondering (like so many others)when are we going to see the comic-con footage -- jtownpointguard

Spiderman1990_17, Thanks for reading the weblogs. Hope you are well. Grant

I love Spider-Man! I am the only girl I know who is obssesed! I love Spider-Man and i can't wait till Spider-Man3! Or Spider-Man 4! I have the wallpaper on my computer and I just bought a Spider-man3 poster that i hung up in my room! My room is all SpiderMan! I have a spider-man phone!

Spider-man#1 fan for life, Wow, you do sound like a big fan. Thanks for reading, thanks for responding & thanks for taking such interest in the film. Grant

Great to hear from you! The spidery team missed you. I hope the movie making has been good so far. The trailer out is really a sweet. - Heather

Heather, It's great to be back. The needs of the production and the needs of the book have taken a lot of my time, but I hope to have a lot more interaction from here on out. Have a great weekend. Grant

I Mrs Curtis! i never wrote anything about the other movies because they talk for themselves. i think spierman is the bigest hero of the comics. i colect spidey comics since my ten years old, i´ve watched the old movies, i konow everything about spiderman. i have a question: while you are making the 3 installement you are already preparing y 4th aren´t you?

Eduardo Carvalho, Thank you very much for your posting. This is a really good question that you asked and I think I should address it in a weblog for everyone to see. Hope you are well. - Grant

CLICK HERE to read the Q&A with Grant Curtis!

Spider-Man 3 arrives in theatres on May 4, 2007.