Spider-Man 3 will begin production this summer. This is great news for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, but not the best for Uncharted fans. It was reported earlier today that the highly anticipated video game big screen adaptation has lost director Travis Knight and is getting pushed back. This is all due to Holland's commitment to playing Peter Parker in the Spider-Man franchise, which has earned Sony its highest grossing movie of all time, thanks to this year's Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Tom Holland is an in-demand actor these days, though his schedule is mostly filled with Marvel Studios and Sony projects. The young actor was able to break away, though he was still working with the Russo Brothers, for Cherry, which is either finished shooting or very close to being complete. The movie will show Holland in a completely new light, stretching his acting abilities to the limit as he plays a veteran with PTSD and a raging opiate addiction. Ultimately, his character starts robbing banks to pay for his habit.

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After channeling some pretty heavy issues in Cherry, Tom Holland will be back as the bright and cheery Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3. However, things might not be so sunny this time around. Spider-Man: Far From Home saw Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio frame Parker while simultaneously announcing to the world who he really is. Parker will more than likely have to start the third installment on the run as he figures out who he can and cannot trust after Mysterio's bombshell. Hopefully, Nick Fury will be around to lend a helping hand, along with a few other friends from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For a while, it was looking like Peter Parker wouldn't have any further help from the MCU. Over the summer, negotiations between Marvel Studios and Sony broke down, with sole rights of Spider-Man going back to Sony. MCU fans were heartbroken, as were a lot of the actors who Tom Holland has worked with over the past few years. Holland knew how much it meant to himself and to the fans, so he reached out to Disney boss Bob Iger, who set the wheels in motion and ultimately made a new deal happen.

Spider-Man 3 is set to hit theaters in July 2021. While Tom Holland has said that the upcoming movie will be "bigger and better" than the previous installments, we still don't know what it will be about, other than the fact that Peter Parker will more than likely be in hiding. Holland has also said that the new movie will have some of his real-life pop into the story, much like what has happened in the last two movies. With production set to begin soon, we should get a better idea about the storyline and main villain in the coming months. Perhaps Jake Gyllenhaal will make a return as Mysterio? Deadline was the first to announce the Spider-Man 3 news.