6-year-old Bridger Walker valiantly jumped in front of his younger sister, saving her from a dog attack. He sustained injuries to his face, requiring 90 stitches across his cheek. He walked away from the experience a true real-life hero. And over the past week, a number of big screen Avengers have stepped forward to celebrate the boy's heroic deed as he recovers from the vicious dog bite.

Chris Evans was the first to step up, promising Bridger his own Captain America shield used in the MCU movies. Then Robert Downey Jr. stepped in with an Iron Man promise to be cashed in at a later date. Now, Tom Holland has responded to the kid, extending an invitation that will be hard to turn down.

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The Avengers and other superhero movie stars have reached out directly to Bridger. Over the weekend, Tom Holland, who is getting ready to resume filming on Uncharted, did a video call with the young boy. And Holland invited Walker to visit the set of Spider-Man 3, which will begin production almost immediately after Uncharted wraps.

Bridger was apparently ready for the call from Tom Holland. Meeting via a facetime chat, Walker was dressed in his own Spider-Man outfit. Tom Holland had this to say to the young Peter Parker in waiting.

"If you ever want to come to set and hang out, and see the Spider-Man suit up close, and hang out with us, you're always welcome. I want to say you are so brave, mate. We are all so proud of you, and your little sister is so lucky to have someone like you."

It was announced last week that Uncharted had begun shooting after Tom Holland posted an image of his set chair with the name 'Nate' embroidered on the back. It was later confirmed by a Sony rep that shooting hadn't officially resumed, but it will any day now, with Holland getting ripped for the role.

Tom Holland recently said that he will be shooting both Uncharted and Spider-Man 3 throughout February 2021, with a wrap date on both movies expected before March of next year. Holland also suspects that he will be promoting both movies simultaneously, which doesn't cause many problems since both movies are coming from Sony Pictures.

It's not clear when Spider-Man 3 will resume shooting, or how soon Bridger Walker will actually be able to visit Tom Holland on set and see one of his favorite superheroes in action. It's been a big week for Bridger. We hope he continues his road to recover. For now, it appears that he is an official member of the Avengers family. Perhaps one of the MCU directors will step up next, and offer him a cameo in one of the upcoming movies set to shoot.