The Marvel Cinematic Universe has propelled the Marvel brand forward for the last decade or so, and they were able to do so without the help of everyone's favorite web slinger until very recently. It wasn't until Tom Holland showed up as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War last year that the character was featured in an MCU movie. As has always been the case on screen, Spidey was slinging webs from his wrists. But what if Spider-Man were anatomically correct? Well, that would mean Spider-Man would be shooting webs from his butt and now, like it or not, we know what that would look like.

Corridor Digital recently uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel that features a completely different take on Spider-Man. In the video, we see a very familiar tale of a nerdy young guy who gets bit by a radioactive spider and is given superhuman abilities. The difference? Much like an actual spider, he is able to shoot webs from his butt, as opposed to his wrists. Aside from being noticeably inconvenient, it is much less cool, aesthetically speaking, and a little off-putting. That said, the video is also really funny and surprisingly well made for something that is really crass and lowbrow.

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Going all the way back to his debut in Marvel comics in the 60s, Spider-Man has always had the ability to shoot webs from his wrists and it is a stable of his character. Spiders can shoot webs, so it makes total sense that a superhero named Spider-Man would be able to do so as well. But after seeing this video, we should probably all be thanking Stan Lee for not going with a more anatomically correct approach. Outside of the truly bizarre and unsettling vibes that result from Spidey shooting webs from his rear, it is also made fairly clear in the video that his web-slinging abilities wouldn't be quite as versatile or easy to use, when compared to the more traditional and canonized depiction of wrist-based web shooters.

It is also probably worth noting that, traditionally, Spider-Man was not actually given the ability to shoot webs after being bit by the radioactive spider. Peter Parker, being the genius that he is, actually invented the webbing and the devices that shoot the webbing in order to enhance his superpowers. However, in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, the character was given his web-slinging abilities as part of the spider bite. So, in most iterations of the character, including Tom Holland's version that will appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming this year, the anatomically correct webbing wouldn't be an issue. That is, unless Tony Stark or Peter Parker decided making such a web device would be a good idea, which probably wouldn't ever happen.

Comic book readers and lovers of superhero movies have always had to suspend a certain amount of disbelief in order to enjoy the things they love. That is just part of the deal. But this video, if anything, proves that there is probably a limit to the amount of disbelief that one can suspend in order to love something like Spider-Man. Be sure to check out the video for yourself.