Way back in November, a report surfaced that Sony Pictures was developing a Spider-Man spinoff based on Sally Field's Aunt May character from The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The project was never confirmed by Sony, but even if it were, Sony decided just a few months later to scrap all of its Spider-Man projects (including The Sinister Six and Venom) to reboot Spidey once again. The new Spider-Man will first appear in an unspecified Marvel movie, most likely Captain America: Civil War, before a new Spider-Man saga hits theaters in 2017. As it turns out, not even Sally Field was aware of the Aunt May spinoff, as she revealed during an interview at SXSW with The Huffington Post.

"Aunt May spinoff? And make her the lead? What would you do with her? She has no special powers whatsoever. She was a housewife waiting for the kids to come home. I think they did that: It was called The Donna Reed Show."

The first rumor claimed that Sony wanted to make the Aunt May movie an espionage thriller where Aunt May was a spy, years before she took care of young Peter Parker, with the rumored story line said to be similar to ABC's Agent Carter. Naturally, those details were never confirmed, but it seems we don't have to worry about that project seeing the light of day anymore, even if the first report was true. During a separate interview with E! Online at SXSW, Sally Field said she didn't know if she would return for the reboot, adding that she enjoyed her experiences on The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

"It was fun because it was just a great group."

She added that Andrew Garfield was the "perfect" Spider-Man, and that she hopes to work with him again.

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"(He was) just perfect. Just the most perfect fellow to work with, so I will miss him, but I'll find him."