Disney's D23 Expo keeps the surprises coming with the announcement of a Spider-Man and Avengers immersive universe for the California Adventure theme park. Disneyland has seen some major changes over the years and new changes are expanding the theme park to lengths that nobody could have imagined 20 years ago. Guardians of the Galaxy's Mission: Breakout! recently opened at Disney's California Adventure, taking over the old Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride and rumors have been swirling for years that Captain America would be the next superhero to end up at the theme park.

The exciting theme park news comes to us via D23.com and confirms that the Captain America rumors can finally be confirmed as Bob Chapek, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts revealed that the Avengers and Spider-Man will be getting their own immersive universe within the California Adventure theme park. It is assumed that the new universe will be placed right by the recently opened Guardians of the Galaxy attraction. Chapek didn't give any further information other than the section of the park will be immersive. So it's not clear at this time if that will include Spider-Man and Avengers themed attractions. One thing that is safe to assume is that it will have a mega gift store.

So instead of just Captain America by himself, we're getting the entire Avengers crew. Disneyland Paris recently opened a Tron Light Cycle attraction and it has been long rumored to show up at the California park as well, but possibly with a Captain America facelift. This could end up happening or maybe changed to include all of the Avengers, but this is just all speculation and rumor at this point. Nothing has been confirmed except for the announcement of the "immersive universe," which could mean a whole lot of things.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout! has been open since the end of May and the wait time for the ride has been off the charts, upwards of 4 hours to get specific. The attraction has been praised for its immersive nature, pitting park goers right in the middle of the Collector's archive where there is plenty of things to look at, so much stuff that it may take fans multiple rides to see everything that Marvel and Disney have hidden within the attraction. Some of the objects that you can see in the Collector's archive include Rocket's laser canon, an Ultron sentry with light up eyes, Adam Warlock's cocoon, Warlock's eye, a Nova Corp uniform, and way too many to list.

At this time it is not clear when the park plans to break ground to start construction on the Spider-Man and Avengers immersive universe, but it seems obvious that they will try and coincide opening with the release of the 4th Avengers movie or anywhere around the releases of the new Spider-Man trilogy. Regardless, if half the amount of care goes into the new universe that went into the Guardians attraction, park goers will be amazed and entertained. Expect more news to come along shortly.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick