Welcome to today's edition of Nerd Alert, where we have all the quirky, nerdy news that you crave in one convenient spot. What do we have in store for you on this wonderful Wednesday? Mad Max: Fury Road gets re-cut with Mel Gibson, the original Peter Pan gets an Honest Trailer and Werner Herzog narrates The Muppets. But first, we have an infographic breaking down the coolest James Bond gadgets and a look at all of the bizzaro alternate Spider-Men who occupy Marvel's lesser known comic book stories. Sit back, relax and check out all that today's Nerd Alert has to offer.

The Most Bizarre Alternate Versions of Spider-Man

Spider-Man Alternate Versions
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Pure Costumes has delved through decades of Marvel comic books to present the most bizarre alternate versions of Spider-Man in one handy infographic. Some of these strange Spidey's include Zombie Spider-Man, Man-Spider and The Bombastic Bag-Man, where Spidey had to get rid of his iconic costume, leading him to loan one out from the Fantastic Four, while putting a bag over his head.

James Bond Gadgets Infographic

James Bond Gadgets

Morph Suits is back with another handy infographic, this time breaking down the coolest gadgets in the James Bond franchise. Only one of Daniel Craig's movies made the list (Casino Royale), but that shouldn't be surprising after seeing some of the amazing gadgets that James Bond got to use earlier on in the franchise. The next Bond film, Spectre, is believed to bring the franchise back to its gadget-friendly glory, but while we wait for the November 6 release, check out this infographic above.

Mad Max: Fury Road Starring Mel Gibson

Youtuber Mike B has managed to digitally replace Tom Hardy's face with Mel Gibson's face in Mad Max: Fury Road. Years ago, when the movie was first in development, many fans were disheartened that Mel Gibson was not returning as Max Rockatansky, but the film was truly embraced by the time it hit theaters this summer. This video gives us a brief glimpse at what might have been, if Mel Gibson had come back.

Peter Pan's Honest Trailer

The latest installment of Screen Junkies' Honest Trailer series explores the 1953 animated classic Peter Pan, which comes on the heels of the latest live-action remake Pan, in theaters October 9. If it's been awhile since you've revisited the original Peter Pan, this site points out how this classic story is "creepier than you remember." Honestly, they make some really good points here.

Werner Herzog Narrates The Muppets


ABC debuted their new series The Muppets last night, which has been receiving mixed reviews from TV critics so far. Even though the series has just started, Slate has decided to present an alternate version, where documentary filmaker/actor Werner Herzog serves as the narrator. This video certainly presents a much different spin on these characters, which should entertain that narrow cross-section of The Muppets and Werner Herzog fans.

A Supercut Of All the Wes Anderson Supercuts

If you've followed Wes Anderson's work, you'll likely know that there are a plethora of supercuts devoted to his films, but, if you don't have time to watch every supercut out there, Funny Or Die has you covered. The site has put together a wonderful supercut of all the existing supercuts devoted to the director's work in just 90 seconds. How's that for efficiency!

Bloopers That Made It Into The Final Cut

While the "blooper reel" or "gag reel" is often a bonus feature fans look forward to on the Blu-ray/DVD release, or sometimes over the end credits, there are often times where unscripted or unplanned moments have made it into the final cut. Screen Rant has a breakdown of these moments, including a dramatic scene in Django Unchained where Leonardo DiCaprio broke a glass during the dinner scene, causing his hand to start bleeding, a Mission: Impossible 2 fight scene where Tom Cruise actually kicked his co-star square in the jaw and Dustin Hoffman's "I'm walking here" line in Midnight Cowboy, which was completely unscripted.

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