While it isn't exactly known when Sony and Marvel's new Spider-Man movie will start production, star Tom Holland is slated to make his debut in the first Marvel Phase Three adventure Captain America: Civil War. Production has been under way on Captain America: Civil War since May, but it was never confirmed when Tom Holland would actually shoot his cameo appearance. While promoting their directorial debut Vacation, Spider-Man writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein teased that Tom Holland has already shot his appearance, and they will see footage of the cameo at Marvel Studios this weekend. Here's what Jonathan M. Goldstein had to say.

"We hear good things. We might even get to look at the Spidey suit, which is exciting."
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As of now, only Tom Holland has been confirmed to star as Peter Parker, with Marisa Tomei in talks to portray Aunt May. Wednesday, a rumored cast list surfaced, which revealed a number of actors who were in various stages of negotiations. The authenticity of this list, which first surfaced on Reddit, was never verified, but it included actors such as Billy Zane as Vulture, Jason Biggs as Scorpion, Rachel G. Fox as Mary Jane Watson and Timothee Chalamet as Harry Osborn. When asked about this cast list, John Francis Daley revealed the list is not accurate, since nothing is set in stone yet.

"We've discussed certain characters, but nothing is certain yet, for sure."

Tom Holland's Peter Parker will be going back to high school in this superhero reboot, but fans won't be subjected to yet another version of the same origin story. Peter will already be established as Spider-Man when the story begins, with the reboot set to be part of a new trilogy, where each movie takes place during a different year of high school. Jon Watts, whose indie drama Cop Car hits theaters on August 7, is directing, with Kevin Feige producing alongside Amy Pascal.

In a separate interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jonathan M. Goldstein reiterated their meeting with Marvel to "see all the materials and start talking specifics." His writing partner John Francis Daley also added that their approach to the story is more of a "John Hughes take" on the comic book hero. Here's what he had to say below.

"(It's a) John Hughes take [with] Peter in high school. I think we're going to spend a lot more time on them in high school and deal with him being a real kid. They cast a real kid, so we're going to write a real kid."

In yet another interview, Jonathan M. Goldstein confirmed on The Andy Greenwald Podcast that this reboot will not feature the typical origin story, where Peter Parker is bit by a spider and Uncle Ben dies, adding, "we probably don't need to revisit that." John Francis Daley added how "pumped" they are about working on the movie, adding this will be a "fun departure" from the previous versions. Take a look at what he had to say.

"But we're so pumped about it and Marvel seems to be doing everything right; we're both such huge fans of the stuff they're putting out. I think it'll be a fun departure from the Peter Parker you've seen, where now he is truly a kid and I think the stakes are increased in that his struggle through high school is very real and isn't just a sort of side note; it matters now."

Earlier this week, another report surfaced that featured an illustration that hints at what the new Spider-Man costume will look like. Kevin Feige has stated in previous interviews that Peter Parker will have a "homemade" costume in the superhero reboot, but it isn't known when we may get our first official look at Tom Holland in this full costume. Hopefully Sony and Marvel release an official image in the near future, but since we don't know when production is even starting on Spider-Man yet, it remains unclear when we'll get our first look at the costume.

Spider-Man isn't slated to hit theaters until July 28, 2017, and with casting currently under way, hopefully the supporting cast will be filled out soon. It will be interesting to see how this cast comes together, and if the filmmakers decide to use characters who have appeared in the first two big-screen incarnations of Spider-Man, or if they go a different route entirely. What other characters are you looking forward to seeing in Spider-Man?