Tom Hardy admits that the Sony and Marvel Studios drama over the summer was the most stressful time in his life. August was a rough month for most Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. As it turns out, it was pretty hard on Holland too, who was later actually able to get Marvel Studios and Sony to come to a new Spider-Man agreement. However, when it was first revealed that Sony was taking sole control of the superhero, Holland and Marvel boss Kevin Feige were ready to say goodbye.

While appearing at ACE Comic-Con with Jake Gyllenhaal over the weekend, Tom Holland told the crowd how stressful the Sony and Marvel fiasco was to him. When asked about doing another Lip Sync Battle, the young actor said it was too stressful and stated it was the "most stressful week of his life," before saying, "well... maybe the whole Disney/Sony thing when that happened, that was a bit of a stressful week." It was stressful for many in attendance too as they thought of the MCU without Spider-Man in it.

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Now, the Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel will have Kevin Feige's input and the MCU will get Tom Holland for one more movie, unless something huge changes within that time. There have already been rumors about Disney dropping up to $5 billion for Peter Parker, which is bonkers. That's a lot of cash and if this rumor ends up being true, one would have to wonder why Disney and Marvel Studio didn't throw this out during the negotiations that broke down over the summer. Regardless, Holland was the one to come in and save the day.

Tom Holland made a personal call to Disney president Bob Iger, which is a lot harder than it sounds, even if you're Spider-Man. According to Iger, Holland obtained his number and made the call, asking the Disney boss if there was anything he could do. Iger then made a few calls to Marvel Studios and finally called Sony to get the deal made. In the end, it was Holland's determination mixed with the outpouring of support from the intense MCU fan base. This could be the reason that those $5 billion rumors are floating around at this time.

Tom Holland is leaving the world of Peter Parker for a little while as he reteams with the Russo Brothers on their latest movie, Cherry. The young actor is taking on the role of an Army veteran with severe PTSD, who turns to drugs and later armed robbery to support his habit. The movie is currently in production and will show Holland stretch his acting talents even further. As for the Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel, it's not clear when Holland and crew will get back together for that project just yet, but we should get some news on that soon. MCU Cosmic was the first to report on Tom Holland's stress over the summer.

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