We've got an exclusive video that dives deep into some of the Easter eggs hidden in Spider-Man: Far from Home. The latest solo adventure to feature Tom Holland's Peter Parker sees the beloved webslinger taking a European vacation, or so he thinks. It turns into a major superhero situation, as a couple of villains in the form of Hydro-Man and Molten Man show up to wreak havoc and ruin Peter's trip. This video dives deeper on both of the relatively obscure Marvel Comics villains and shows how director Jon Watts faithfully included their backstories in the movie.

The video features executive producer Rachel O'Connor breaking down some of these Easter eggs. First off, we have Flash Thompson trying to figure out what's going on with Hydro-Man. Taking to the internet, he reads a theory that the figure was originally a man named Morris Bench, who is Hydro-Man in the pages of Marvel Comics. The character made his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #212. There is also another tough-to-spot Easter egg referencing The Amazing Spider-Man #28, representing the first appearance of Molten Man. The number appears on Nick Fury's license plate in the movie.

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These aren't the only villains featured in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Mysterio, who was positioned as an ally in the marketing. Though, the character is known as a villain and master of illusion in the comics, which the filmmakers used to their advantage. This video doesn't go into Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio, but it's just part of a much larger featurette that has E.D.I.T.H. breaking down many of the Easter eggs found throughout the movie. And that's just one of the many bonus features packed into the new Blu-ray/DVD release, which just hit shelves.

Spider-Man: Far From Home had the unenviable job of having to follow up Avengers: Endgame, which went on to become the biggest movie ever at the box office, toppling James Cameron's Avatar. Fans and critics alike responded rather kindly to the flick, which served as both a satisfying solo story and an epilogue to the events of Avengers: Endgame. Ultimately, it went on to become Sony's highest-grossing release ever, bringing in $1.13 billion, surpassing 2012's Skyfall, which had previously been the studio's biggest earner.

For a moment, it seemed like this would be Tom Holland's last ride in the MCU, as Sony and Disney had a tough time coming to terms on a new deal for future installments. Luckily, they've sorted things out and Spider-Man 3, which is now set for July 2021, will tie up the cliffhanger we were left with here. Spidey is also slated to appear in a to-be-named MCU movie, alongside some of his fellow heroes. Spider-Man: Far From Home is out now on Digital HD, Blu-ray/DVD and 4K Ultra HD from Sony Pictures. Be sure to check out our exclusive clip for yourself.