The latest news report from the Daily Bugle unmasks Spider-Man. Marvel Studios and Sony have come up with a pretty great way to keep the momentum of Spider-Man: Far from Home going with the Daily Bugle news reports. J.K. Simmons is back as J. Jonah Jameson and the last few months have seen expanded news reports from what was seen in the sequel's post-credit scene where Mysterio pins his death on Peter Parker and releases his identity to the world.

J. Jonah Jameson is leading the "fake news" campaign against Spider-Man and Peter Parker, though he doesn't know the truth of what Mysterio actually did. Spider-Man: Far From Home saw Mysterio lead an orchestrated attack against Parker, which he played right into. While Marvel Cinematic Universe fans always knew Mysterio would be the villain in the movie, the story was written in a way to where that almost didn't really matter, but made the betrayal that much more devastating in the end.

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With all of these expanded news reports from Spider-Man: Far From Home still spreading around with the new Daily Bugle site and YouTube channel, it might be time to start looking for clues as to how the threequel will be set up. Peter Parker is going to be on the run, there's no way he'll be able to go home and he'll more than likely have to bring Aunt May with him. Thankfully, he'll have some help from the MCU, which wasn't always going to be the case due to the Sony and Marvel Studios deal stalling over the summer.

MCU fans are now wondering if Mysterio is really dead or not. The Daily Bugle is touting him as the greatest superhero that ever lived and mourning his loss, while framing Peter Parker up to be the bad guy. The Daily Bugle article says, "This story is huge, but the bombshells don't stop there! Spider-Man's not only a kid, but he's a full-blown murderer!" The article is also declaring that, "It's time we told this entitled next generation to sit down and let the adults in the room save the world!" J. Jonah Jameson is back and he's on fire this time around.

The Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel is still pretty far out there, but it is more than likely being written right now in order to start production next year. The Daily Bugle news reports will also likely keep coming in an effort to ramp up hype for the sequel, which is a very clever way to keep the memory of Mysterio alive. Regardless, it looks like Jake Gyllenhaal will have to come back for a cameo or he already shot his new scenes while making Far From Home. We'll just have to wait and see. The latest news reports comes to us from the Daily Bugle YouTube channel.