The Honest Trailer for Spider-Man: Far from Home was released on Tuesday, and as usual, the creators took the time to share some commentary and deleted scenes as well as to answer some viewer questions.

Joining them this time was their friend and the man behind Flash Thompson, Tony Revolori. The actor brought with him a ton of anecdotes, talk of deleted footage and an explanation of how his character's backstory was developed on a whim.

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The group touched on a ton of topics in the hour-long video including villains they hope appear in the MCU like Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin, director John Watts showing "clips upon clips of Daria," as reference for Zendaya's MJ, Jacob Batalon (Ned) fast forwarding to only watch his scenes on a plane ride, their hope to see Ned as Hobgoblin, their pity for Brad getting flack for having a crush on the same girl as Peter, possibilities of Norman Osbourne in the later films and their mutual hope for a Sam Rockwell/Justin Hammer return to the MCU.

The actor also had some behind the scenes fun facts to share about the Honest Trailer mentions. For example, the moment when Peter dropped his glasses in the bar was actually a longer sequence of Mysterio pick-pocketing him and setting up the find. According to Revolori there was a ton of extra drama and laughs that was cut for time including some scenes of characters being "blipped back" in random places. His pitch for Flash? "I pitched the whole thing for him to snap back on the toilet."

When the Honest Trailers crew commented on Martin Starr and JB Smooth being the perfect nineties sitcom characters, Revolori revealed that there had been so much footage about their point of view of the main plot and conflict it was like its own movie.

"The whole witches thing went way further... He kept blaming Mr. Harrington, saying his wife is a witch and that she was cursing him and that's why all these things are following him... finally at the end, in that moment when the big monsters are there, [he said], 'You have to sacrifice yourself to the monster for us to be safe,' and there's just Martin going, 'Take me!'"

A lot can change in post. For much of the film, Revolori thought his character was going to be sporting a black eye because "Spider-Man is so strong that even a touch gives him a black eye." It seems the special effects crew didn't quite think the gag was worth the time. They did, however, help develop Flash Thompson in a way that wasn't originally scripted. When asked about his rumored contribution to his character's backstory, Revolori had this to say about his idea for that final airport shot of Thompson.

"I was having a drink with some of the cast and John, the director [the night before]. And I was like 'what if his parents just don't show up and he's like, 'Could mother not make it?'...I was joking about it. The next morning [John] comes in and was like, 'We're gonna do one take where he's your father and then one take where's he's not.' And then we did the other take and he was like, 'Nope he's not your father it's so funny."

It had started as Revolori just trying to figure out what would be the "funniest version" of that scene and eventually led to them retroactively putting tidbits throughout the film like the text message of Flash trying to get in touch with his parents and failing. Now, Revolori laughs at just how many theories and speculation the gag has spawned when in actuality, it was just "something that [he] thought would be a funny joke and add to the character."

You can check out the Honest Trailer Commentary at Screen Junkies Youtube channel.