Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio uses some pretty amazing technology to power up his gadgets in Spider-Man: Far from Home. Gyllenhaal pretty much steals every scene he's in as the charming Quentin Beck, but a lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are more concerned with his weapons, wondering if this could ever happen in real-life. Luckily, futurist Brian David Johnson has provided some pretty interesting answers to that question. There are SPOILERS for Spider-Man: Far From Home below, so read ahead at your own risk.

Obviously, Mysterio turns out to be the villain in Spider-Man: Far From Home and he is one of the best that we have seen thus far in the MCU. Some of the best parts of the movie are the scenes in which the villain is wielding his "illusion" technology, which tricks people into thinking they are seeing Hydro-Man or Molten Man of the Elementals. It also provides Peter Parker with some mind warping experiences that could cause someone with a weaker mind to descend into madness. But could this happen in the real world?

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According to futurist Brian David Johnson, Mysterio's tech could happen and it could happen a lot sooner than we think. This is pretty amazing to think about and it starts to go into the Deepfake technology territory, which has been getting better and better by the day. Soon, it might be a lot harder to separate fact from fiction out in the world and not just on TV or the internet. Johnson explains.

"We're going to have a collection of technologies over the next 10 years that come online that are going to make this very, very real. First and foremost there's gonna be artificial intelligence and machine learning, so the ability for computers to take large pieces of information and process it and be able to make decisions. But it goes beyond that. We know that we're gonna have smart cities, we know that we are gonna have the internet of things, we know that we are gonna have autonomy in land and sea and air, as well as big data and computational intelligence where ever we need it and high-speed connectivity like 5G everywhere."

The Deepfake tech is currently used online, mainly for adult-oriented material, but it looks like it could be an element in the real world applications of Mysterio's weapons. In addition, there have been full hologram concerts with Ronnie James Dio, Tupac, and more, which just goes to show how far we've come with the aforementioned technology. Brian David Johnson had this to say about the new tech and its applications.

"So when you put all that together you have the ability for these computational systems to know a lot about us and also to be able to manipulate that environment not just on our computers, but in our cities and on our devices, all over."

Much like Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the new technology could be used for nefarious purposes. Soon, it will be hard to tell if the news is real, or if a person is really performing on a s stage, or if we're actually seeing something like the Statue of Liberty. As for when this could all go down, Brian David Johnson says it can happen within the next ten years. The interview with Johnson was originally conducted by The Wrap.