A Spider-Man: Far from Home action figure reveals Mysterio's true allegiance. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been curious about Mysterio as more promotional material from the movie shows Jake Gyllenhaal's character as an ally to Peter Parker and S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury introduces the two as they try and figure out a way to take down the Elementals, who are wreaking havoc in Europe as Parker and his friends try to have a relaxing vacation.

A new Mysterio action figure from Spider-Man: Far From Home looks just like he does in the movie, but with the clouded fishbowl helmet. While the toy is well done, that isn't the focus here, it's what it says in the description on the back. It reads: "Mysterio is a master of illusion and a sworn enemy of Spider-Man." It really doesn't get any more clearer than that, though most MCU fans have thought this since day one. In the comics, Mysterio is exactly what the character description explains.

In an early Far From Home LEGO set leak, Mysterio appeared to be the villain, but it wasn't clear. Now, that his true motives have been revealed, how will the story make this happen. As we see in the trailer, Mysterio is quite charming and even has the trust of Nick Fury, which is not an easy thing to pull off, even if you're a master of illusion. Are the Elementals all just a giant magic trick? Whatever the case may be, we're still a little over a month away from seeing how everything unfolds when the movie hits theaters in July.

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As for the rest of the Spider-Man: Far From Home promotional material, it seems to be going the opposite route that Avengers: Endgame took, meaning it looks like we've seen quite a bit from the movie. Some are under the impression that this is a marketing tactic and that the sequel is going to have some pretty mind-blowing surprises in store for hardcore Marvel fans. It's already pretty big news that MJ knows about Peter Parker's secret identity, but we know it from the trailers and various TV spots.

It was assumed for a long time Avengers: Endgame was going to be the final MCU Phase 3 movie, but Marvel Boss Kevin Feige recently revealed that it is actually Spider-Man: Far From Home. This makes sense since Endgame ends a certain storyline and does not really tease the future in a traditional way, which leads many to believe Far From Home will give us a hint of what to expect when Phase 4 debuts next year. Feige is expected to give us the details this summer at San Diego Comic-Con and D23, though he probably won't be able to reveal too much. You can check out the Mysterio action figure pictures below, thanks to the Tokohku Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick