Spider-Man: Far from Home is finally in theaters and closing out the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 3. Though Tom Holland was only just introduced in the MCU's Phase 3, he has been in five movies thus far and fans are hoping to see a lot more of the young actor in the future. And as of now, the future is looking very bright with many estimating that Far From Home will cross the $1 billion mark at the box office. That's all well and good, but what about the change to the spider-sense name?

Spider-Man: Far From Home co-writer Erik Sommers recently discussed the change to the spider-sense. Before the sequel hit theaters, MCU fans already knew Aunt May had dubbed Peter Parker's power as the "Peter Tingle," which is pretty embarrassing. When it comes down to it, that's precisely why the writers chose it. Sommers had this to say.

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"We definitely had some scenes where Happy was stumbling through different descriptions of trying to think of a thing to call it himself. We liked Peter Tingle because it's like your aunt calls it something, and that's the last thing you want it called, so then, of course, she doubled down and that's what she's calling it, and she tells someone else, and that's what they're calling it. It's very authentic teen life."

Peter Parker really isn't into the new name for his spider-sense, but it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. "I assure you, we went around and around and tried all different kinds of things," says Erik Sommers. Tom Holland's version of the character has been hailed by some fans as being the most comic book-accurate version of the iconic hero ever portrayed on the screen, which also has to do with his age. So, when seeing Marisa Tomei's Aunt May, who might be the most inaccurate portrayal in terms of age, tease Holland on screen, it seems genuine and real.

With that being said, the "Peter Tingle" is not from the comics. This is an MCU exclusive, which is now official canon, so we could see it end up in the comics somewhere down the line. As for the power itself, the MCU hasn't really dealt with it a whole lot until Spider-Man: Far From Home. We previously, albeit briefly, saw Parker's hairs on his arms stand up when Thanos' Black Order arrived on Earth during the events of Infinity War.

Spider-Man: Far From Home just hit theaters on Tuesday of this week and it has been doing really well at the box office. The highly anticipated sequel took home over $25 million on the 4th of July alone and the rest of the week is looking very good. Far From Home has the benefit of having Avengers: Endgame hit the big screen just a few weeks ago and fans are looking forward to see what will happen in the MCU's Phase 4. The interview with Erik Moses was originally conducted by The Wrap.