Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to kick off three days earlier. Sony has announced Spider-Man: Far from Home will now hit theaters on July 2nd, as opposed to the 5th. This is great news for MCU fans who are a bit on the impatient side, even though the wait from Avengers: Endgame to Far From Home isn't very long at all. With that being said, we need to see Endgame to find out how Peter Parker comes back from the Decimation.

The earlier release date makes sense for a few reasons and it is not unprecedented for Marvel Studios after doing so with both Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. The move could have been made to line up with international release dates, which means there could be some big MCU Phase 4 secrets within Spider-Man: Far From Home. Another reason would be to just simply get a head start on the 4th of July holiday weekend. Most kids are out of school around this time and might be heading out on a family vacation for the holiday, so everybody will get a chance to see the highly anticipated sequel a little earlier than originally thought.

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Even with several trailer and TV spots released, the plot of Spider-Man: Far From Home is still a mystery. However, some new movie tie-in Dr. Pepper cans have shed some light on when we might see some of these new Spidey suits that have been teased in the promotional material. For instance, the awesome-looking black suit will appear in Venice, Italy, according to the soda can, while the classic red, black, and blue suit will show up in Prague, Czech Republic.

Peter Parker is going to have several different suits with him for Spider-Man: Far From Home to take down the Elementals and quite possibly Jake Gyllenhaal's Msyterio too. The promotional material for the sequel still has Gyllenhaal painted as an ally, but there's no way that is going to stick when all is said and done. There is more than likely an ulterior motive going on here and it will be up to Peter Parker to discover what it is.

For now, Peter Parker and a lot of other superheroes and half of the universe are dead after the Decimation in Infinity War. It's up to the surviving members of Earth's Mightiest Heroes to figure out how to reverse the Decimation in Avengers: Endgame in order to let Tom Holland make it back to play Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Far From Home. There are plenty of fan theories floating around and the bulk of them have to do with traveling through time to locate the Infinity Stones and take down Thanos once and for all. Sony was the first to reveal Spider-Man: Far From Home's new release date.