Spider-Man: Far from Home is currently filming in and around the London area and Samuel L. Jackson has just shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the set. It had been rumored for a while that Jackson was going to be back as Nick Fury in the next Spider-Man movie, which was finally confirmed a few weeks ago. Jackson was on a lengthy European vacation and now he's back to work and preparing to put on his fake beard for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The picture that Samuel L. Jackson shared from the set of Spider-Man: Far From Home features his faux facial hair on a fake head. While the picture isn't that remarkable, it's kind of weird to know that Nick Fury's beard isn't real. It looks so real on the big screen and makes one wonder why the production of Mission: Impossible 6 didn't use the same kind for Henry Cavil. Cavil's infamous mustache could not be removed during Justice League reshoots, which led to a horrible looking CGI removal.

Now that Nick Fury is going to meet up with Peter Parker, many are wondering if Spider-Man: Far From Home is taking inspiration from the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. However, many more fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are wondering how two characters from Infinity War who were both turned to dust are returning to the big screen. If that wasn't enough, Cobie Smulders is also back as Maria Hill. Avengers 4 is going to have a lot of explaining to do when it hits theaters in April of next year. Either that or Tom Holland might be able to spoil it for everybody while doing press.

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This is the second time this year that Samuel L. Jackson has come on board a project as Nick Fury. Earlier this year, the actor was spotted on the set of Captain Marvel, which takes place in the early 1990s. Jackson will be portraying a younger version of Fury with two eyeballs and no eyepatch. There's also a chance that the actor will be back on the set of Avengers 4 in a few weeks for reshoots. The Russo Brothers have revealed that reshoots will be taken care of in the coming weeks, which could feature Nick Fury along with Carol Danvers.

There's a lot going on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it's going to be cool to see how the studio is able to juggle the promotional campaigns for three movies that are coming out so close together. Captain Marvel is first on board, hitting theaters in early March, followed by Avengers 4 in April, and then Spider-Man: Far From Home in July. Carol Danvers' standalone movie shouldn't be much of a problem, but the next Avengers film and Spider-Man are closely linked together, which means the studio is going to have to get pretty clever. While we wait to see how everything works out, you can check out the Nick Fury facial hair photo below, provided by Samuel L. Jackson's Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick