Spidey and Nick Fury have been spotted on the set of Spider-Man: Far from Home. The sequel has been filming all over Europe throughout the summer and it's believed that some upcoming shoots in New York and Los Angeles will finish principal photography. The set photos of Nick Fury and Spider-Man are from when the production was in Venice, Italy a few weeks ago. It has been rumored that Tom Holland was recently in Atlanta for Avengers 4 reshoots, but that has yet to be confirmed.

It was revealed over the summer that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were going to appear in Spider-Man: Far From Home. We've seen shots of Fury and Hill together, but the latest leaks from the set are the first time that Samuel L. Jackson's Fury and Spider-Man have been seen together since the production started. The duo are cruising down a canal in Venice on a speed boat. It's unclear what they're doing, but it looks as if Fury might have come to lend a helping hand.

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Both Nick Fury and Spider-Man suffered the same fate at the end of Infinity War, leading to speculation about how they come back from the dustbin. Avengers 4 holds the answers to that mystery, but the specific details are being fiercely protected, much to the disappointment of hardcore Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. However, it's believed that time travel will be a major factor that will allow for Fury and Spidey to make it back in time for Spider-Man: Far From Home. It's also been rumored that the final Avengers film will take place five years after the events of Infinity War, so that should give Tony Stark some ideas about reversing Thanos' snap.

In other Spider-Man: Far From Home news, fans finally learned that Jake Gyllenhaal is playing Mysterio, thanks to some other leaked photos from the set. Michael Keaton is also scheduled to return, but it's not clear how big of a part he'll have this time around. We last saw him behind bars, protecting Peter Parker at the very end. With that being said, it looks like Parker's European vacation is going to put him to work.

Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters next July, after Captain Marvel and Avengers 4. The sequel is the first film in the mysterious MCU Phase 4. It's going to be interesting to see how Marvel Studios juggles the promotional campaign for the upcoming three movies since they hit theaters so close to each other. The standalone Carol Danvers film just released its first trailer and it's looks like the trailer and title of Avengers 4 will drop before the end of the year. While we wait for more news about Spider-Man: Far From Home, you can check out the latest photos from the set featuring Spidey and Nick Fury below, thanks to the MCU News and Tweets Twitter account.