Spider-Man: Far from Home features a suit that is more complicated than the Batsuit. Peter Parker has shown off a few new looks in the promotional material for the sequel, but none have been more intriguing than the black stealth suit. Tony Stark obviously won't be around for the movie, but his influence is there and so is a lot of his tech, thanks to a hidden lab on a Stark jet. With that being said, a lot of hard work went on behind-the-scenes to bring the new suit to life.

The Stealth Suit in Far From Home is not a Tony Stark design. However, the suit is "very much in the world" of Black Widow and S.H.I.E.L.D., according to Graham Churchyard, the costume FX supervisor on the sequel. The goggles look a little goofy, which was by design as they were inspired by the 1980s and made to look a little weird. With the new look comes new weapons and abilities, which were a struggle to bring to life on the set.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home's stealth suit is, "actually much more complicated than the Batsuit," according to Graham Churchyard. Out of anyone, Churchyard would know since he worked on Tim Burton's Batman and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. All of the tech is on the outside of Peter Parker's stealth suit and there is more armor this time around. And while Tony Stark didn't design this particular suit, Marvel's Robyn Gebhart did. Gebhart has "worked on every Spider-Man film costume since the Tobey Maguire days," and helped keep the suit in line with the rest of the big screen looks.

Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio costume also has some pretty crazy designs, which were hard to pull off and keep working on the set. In a recent interview, Tom Holland mentioned that the LED lights in the suit would sometimes have a mind of their own, ruining perfect takes Gyllenhaal was working on. Spider-Man: Far From Home shows off a lot of CGI-assisted effects, but a lot of the suits from Mysterio and Spider-Man are done with practical effects, which made for some difficult times behind-the-scenes.

Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters on July 2nd. The highly anticipated sequel will officially close out the MCU's Phase 3 and show what the world is like after the death of Tony Stark. Promotional material for the sequel has shown Peter Parker and the world as they mourn the loss of Stark, but Parker is going to have to tackle his new responsibility head on when all is said and done. There is a lot at stake and a lot going on in the movie, but Parker will have some new suits and allies to help him out. The stealth suit information was first reported by the latest issue of Total Film.

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