Is MJ the daughter of Nick Fury in Spider-Man: Far from Home? A new fan theory seems to think so and has a decent amount of evidence to back the theory up. This would make for a pretty interesting twist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for Peter Parker, who would see himself under even closer scrutiny from Fury when the movie hits theaters this summer. Fury and Parker are in Europe for the sequel as the Elementals wreak havoc, while Mysterio is more than likely planning something nefarious.

One of the first elements of this new Spider-Man: Far From Home theory notes Nick Fury has spent the last few years in hiding and hasn't been seen a whole lot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Age of Ultron (Captain Marvel doesn't count since it takes place in the 1990s) and adds the fact that the character mentions his wife "threw him out" in Civil War. Fury could very well have been protecting his family during this time, which is where MJ comes in. Could Fury really have kept this a secret for this long?

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Like Nick Fury, MJ is pretty sneaky and is always "creeping up on people," according to the Spider-Man: Far From Home fan theory. The theory goes on to outline her wardrobe and notices that it is all dark in color, like Fury's and it goes on to state her hair is often covering one eye, which could also be another Fury attribute, like the eyepatch. Additionally, she is always profiling people and seemed to know a great deal about Peter Parker, like she may have a top secret file on him back at home, thanks to her alleged father.

Another one portion of the MJ and Nick Fury theory points to the fact that she is anti-government. This element could stem from the fact her father is on the run from a corrupt government. Is she a political rebel like Fury? Obviously, this is all a fun theory and has not been proven officially by anyone at Sony or Marvel Studios. With that being said, we'll have to keep an eye on Tom Holland during the press tour for the sequel in the next few months. He's sure to spoil something between now and then and this would be pretty huge.

As someone else pointed out, the Spider-Man: Far From Home theory could also be the reason why Nick Fury is personally in Europe with Peter Parker and MJ instead of having someone else from S.H.I.E.L.D. out to keep tabs on them. However, this could be one long stretch too. Whatever the case may be, this is still a lot of fun to think about until the movie hits theaters this summer. For now, MCU fans have their sights set on Avengers: Endgame, which opens in theaters this week. You can check out the original Spider-Man: Far From Home fan theory over at Reddit.