It's time to fly the friendly skies with Spider-Man and his neighborhood friends. Sony Pictures and United have teamed up for a new Spider-Man: Far from Home promo video that also serves as the airline's new in-flight safety video. Spider-Man shows up alongside cameos from some of the franchise's main cast, including Hemky Madera, Jacob Batalon and Tony Revolori.

United's Vice President of Marketing, Mark Krolick made the announcement about the video earlier this week. He had this to say about Spider-Man: Far From Home and United's new partnership as passengers prepare for their own summer vacation.

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"For decades, Spider-Man has consistently shown the importance of using power to do good and to keep the public safe. We also believe that our greatest responsibility is to keep our customers and crew safe on board our aircraft. We are excited to have Spider-Man and his friends, along with our employees, bring new attention to the inflight safety video and creatively engage customers on such an important announcement."

President of Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment, Gill Champion has this to say about the new Spidey Safety Video.

"Stan loved doing his cameos and would love to know they are continuing, so we were thrilled to work with Sony Pictures and United Airlines to make this happen for both Stan and the fans."

The United Safety Video is a unique and timely tie-in, as Spider-Man: Far From Home will see Peter Parker and his friends traveling abroad this summer on their own vacation that literally takes them 'far from home'. The sequel will directly follow the events seen in Avengers: Endgame, and takes place in a world where Tony Stark no longer exists, and Iron Man is just a fading memory from the past. Now, Peter Parker will have to protect New York from the scum and villainy that continues to run rampant.

Only this summer, Peter isn't staying put in Queens. He will join Nick Fury for a globetrotting adventure that will take him all over the world, partnering with the mysterious new ally Mysterio, who claims to be from the Multiverse, as they attempt to take down The Elementals and save the planet from impending doom. But is Mysterio really the friend he claims to be? Or is this illusionist a fraud and a Foe?

We'll all find out soon enough when Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters on July 2nd. Tom Holland returns as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man alongside Zendaya as MJ, Jacob Batalon as Ned, with Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, and Jake Gyllenhaal being introduced as Mysterio. New additions include comedian J.B. Smoove and Numan Acar as Dimitri. MCU veterans Samuel L. Jacksonand Cobie Smulders will also join Holland's Spider-Man sequel as Nick Fury and Maria Hill.

Jon Watts returns to direct Spider-Man: Far From Home from a script written by Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers. If you're planning a trip out of the country and decided to fly United, you can expect to experience this fun safety video coming and going in and out of the country. So maybe don't watch it too many times right now. You might never want to see it again come August. This video comes direct from United.