This is probably the best video you will see all day. And there is simply no way Marvel and Sony can top the sheer visceral thrill of watching a real man dressed as Spider-Man fighting someone on the streets of New York City in the Heart of Times Square. I don't care how good the 2017 reboot proves to be. This will be better, and thanks to Geoff Goldberg, we get to see this early, and for free. Hurry up and watch it right now!

Perhaps Marvel and Sony cast Tom Holland a few weeks too soon. As this guy dressed as Spidey has the sidewalk level moves we want to see in a Fight Club-style remake of the franchise. The New York Post first ran the story, offering a little bit of background on what we're seeing in what is sure to become the viral video of the week. The street performer got a little too into character when a heckler started abusing other nearby co-workers. This had become an ongoing issue before Spidey took matters into his own hands. A second Spider-Man, who is only identified as Josh, was there, and had this to say about the incident.

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"He said a lot of racist shit. He said, 'You Muslims go back to your country - you're gonna' blow up Times Square.' He's been doing this on and off for almost a year."

Obviously Spider-Man, who does not judge any individual on race, color, creed or religion unless they are making it hard for others to live, took matters into his own hands. And he saved the day! Though, this isn't the first time the real Spider-Man has shown up in Times Square to make headlines. Almost one year ago to the day, a street performer dressed in a Batman costume was conversing with Spider-Man in Midtown Manhattan when a stranger tackled the Dark Knight to the ground. The assailant writhed on top of Bruce Wayne's vigilante alter ego screaming, 'I'm going to F you, Batman!'

In moves similar to what we see in the video, Spider-Man leapt to the rescue. He saved Batman! But, Spidey was arrested for his troubles and sent to jail. In terms of what happened recently in Times Square, we've heard of no charges being pressed against this would-be Peter Parker. While we'll have to wait two more years to see Spider-Man return on the big screen in director Jon Watts's 2017 reboot, this video does a nice job of tiding us over.

Tom Holland's Spider-Man will make his first appearance on the big screen in next year's Captain America: Civil War. Rumors say that he's already shot his role, and it is more than just a cameo as previously believed. Peter Parker is said to have a big fight in the movie that will be remembered for how cool and dorky it is. But it can't be as cool and dorky as what we see in this video. The first Captain America: Civil War footage is expected to drop next weekend during Disney's big D23 expo. But it's unlikely that they will show Spider-Man off there. Its more likely that his big reveal will be saved for the movie itself. In the meantime, check out your next favorite video for the next 48 hours.

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