It will still be a while before we get a good look at Andrew Garfield in his Spider-Man costume for Marc Webb's upcoming Untitled Reboot (aka Spider-Man 2.0). But Showbiz Spy confirms that the actor has already been put through some quite rigorous dress rehearsals, and that the costume has been given an update with a very "high-tech" design.

No pictures or concept art are available yet, but it shouldn't be too long before pics of the actor in costume are leaked on the Internet for everyone to critique. It is said that numerous fittings had to be done on Garfield to ensure that his crotch area "bulge" wasn't too big. An insider close to the production stated, "One whole day was devoted to make sure there was nothing inappropriate showing in the crotch area of the suit. Andrew should be flattered that it took so long to get that part right!"

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The suit's new design will be skin-tight, which is a difficult thing to pull off for a PG-13 movie in regards to showing too much of the actor's genitalia. We know, it certainly sounds funny. But it has been a legitimate concern for a lot of recent superhero costume designers, and it will alter the look of this new Spidey suit made specifically for the screen.