Director James Gunn had been an active presence on social media long before Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters in 2014, and he's showed no signs of slowing down ever since. The filmmaker even started a weekly ritual on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which is currently filming in Atlanta, with #WhatWeShotWednesdays, where he shares one of his hand-drawn illustrations of a scene they shot that particular day. Over the weekend, the filmmaker shared even more images through social media, one of which may tease a possible crossover with Spider-Man: Homecoming.

On Friday, the director shared an image from the set featuring himself alongside his guest for the day, Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts, on his Instagram page. Of course, the filmmaker could just be spending a day on the set for recreational purposes, but it's also possible that the directors may be cooking up some sort of a crossover, either on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 or Spider-Man: Homecoming. It was recently confirmed that Robert Downey Jr. will reprise his role as Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, in the Spider-Man reboot, which will be a joint production between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, so perhaps they could be working on a crossover with the Guardians in that movie as well.

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Then again, since these beloved Guardians aren't exactly Earth-bound heroes, with their stories set in the cosmos, it isn't known how a crossover between the Guardians and the new Spidey would even work. Still, Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) was born on Earth, and since we don't know much about the story of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, it's possible that he may re-surface on Earth at some point. This is all speculation for now, but don't expect to hear any confirmations or denials from James Gunn anytime soon, since the filmmaker revealed before production started on Guardians 2 that he would no longer shoot down online rumors that have surfaced about his movie.

It's also worth noting that, back in March, James Gunn claimed that Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man ever, making it clear that the filmmaker is a big fan of the young actor's work as Spidey in Captain America: Civil War. It isn't known when Jon Watts and Tom Holland will start production on Spider-Man: Homecoming, which has a July 7, 2017 release date already in place. Marvel president Kevin Feige has said in the past that the studio has big plans for Spidey, teasing that he could surface in any future MCU movie along with Spider-Man: Homecoming, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

James Gunn also shared another image from the set, featuring his parents. The photo showed his mother picking a name from a bucket for "$5 Friday," which was evidently won by a crew member named Paul. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming will only open a few months apart from each other, with Guardians 2 kicking off next year's summer movie season on May 5, 2017, and Spider-Man: Homecoming following on July 7, 2017. Take a look at the new photos from the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 below, and stay tuned for more updates.