The world is ready for a great Spider-Man movie. Spider-Man: Homecoming looks like it is going to be that movie. The first reactions are pouring in and, all signs point to it being awesome. That means Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, which is already slated for release on July 5, 2019, is going to quickly become one to look forward to. It's early, but what villain can we expect to see in the sequel? No specific name has been thrown out, but just don't expect it to be someone that we've already seen on screen.

In a recent interview with Hey U Guys, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was discussing all things related to Spidey and the MCU. When discussing the prospect of seeing some classic villains return to the big screen in one of the Spider-Man sequels, such as Green Goblin or Electro, Feige made it clear that, at least right now, they are going to focus on never-before-seen on-screen bad guys. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"We haven't talked about that. What's fun about this is it's the first time Spider-Man is in the MCU. And the first time he's played by an actor who is the age, essentially, Spidey was in the comics for so long. And, as Michael Keaton does with the Vulture, we get to explore villains we haven't seen before. Spidey has an amazing rogues gallery, so at some point I think it might be interesting to revisit some of the characters we've seen in films before, but right now, we think there are a lot of new ones we haven't played with yet."

There are those who enjoy the first Amazing Spider-Man but, for the most part, the majority feel that the last truly great Spider-Man movie came in 2004 with Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2. If Spider-Man: Homecoming can change that, and all signs point to that being the case, that is going to be huge for Marvel and Sony. If the movie is as great as everyone says it is, at least part of that will have to do with Michael Keaton's performance as Vulture, a villain we haven't seen onscreen before. Not only that, but Tinkerer, Shocker and Scorpion are set to show up in the movie. And that only scratches the surface of the massive Spider-Man rogues gallery.

It is a bit of a bummer to think that Doc Ock won't be showing up to duke it out with Tom Holland's Spidey, but there are lots of other great options. Venom and Carnage are also off the table, thanks to what Sony is doing with their spin-off movies. There are plenty of others like Kraven the Hunter, Chameleon, Mysterio and Hobgoblin who come to mind. Spider-Man: Homecoming and the sequels are going to try new things, and that is a good thing for a character who is already on his third reboot. Maybe we can build to a Sinister Sex event movie in the future? One can only hope.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott