Is Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 going to introduce us to the Sinister Six? Almost two years ago to the day exactly I wrote a piece speculating that the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be building to the Sinister Six, which would start with Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now, some new news regarding the upcoming sequel makes it seem far more likely that Peter Parker will face down one of Marvel's greatest villain teams in the future.

Let's start with what we know. It's come to light that Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to play Mysterio in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel. To go along with that, there are reports that Michael Keaton is set to reprise his role as Adrian Toomes, aka the Vulture, in the sequel as well. We also know that Scorpion was set up in the last movie and that Shocker was introduced. Even if one of them is left out of the final grouping, it certainly appears as though we have the makings of what could be a Sinister Six movie in the future. As for when that will happen remains to be seen, but it's doubtful that Marvel Studios and Sony would run the risk of overstuffing Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 to that degree, though we can't totally rule it out.

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The Sinister Six, for those who may not know, is a group of supervillains who have one thing in common; they want to take down Spider-Man. They're kind of like an anti-Avengers style band of bad guys. The Sinister Six first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 back in 1964 and the group was headlined by Doctor Octopus. Doc Oc, famously played by Alfred Molina in Spider-Man 2, is typically a core member, but the team has a huge rotating cast of members. That leaves the door wide open in terms of what villains may be included to fill out the full cast of six, but both Vulture and Mysterio are closely associated with the team.

At one point, back when Sony was looking to make their own Spider-Man universe before making their deal with Marvel Studios to allow Peter Parker to appear in the MCU, the studio had plans to make their own Sinister Six movie. That was briefly teased in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but the idea never came to fruition. So, the idea has been kicking around for a long time and now, it appears as though, via something of a long play, Kevin Feige and the MCU could be keeping the idea alive. Though, it makes much more sense to have the Sinister Six as Spider-Man villains, as opposed to giving them their own movie.

Could it be that whatever the third solo Spidey movie within the MCU turns out to be will actually feature the Sinister Six as villains? Maybe it will go beyond that and turn into a Marvel event movie with some other heroes crossing over to help Spider-Man take down the group of bad guys? Whatever the case may be, it seems more and more likely that Marvel is going to unite some classic Spider-Man villains to take down the webslinger on the big screen in the eventual future. For now, we will have to wait and see what happens in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, which arrives in theaters on July 5, 2019.

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Ryan Scott