With Spider-Man: Homecoming gearing up to start shooting soon, more and more cast members are being announced every day. And today is no exception. Coming aboard is Silicon Valley star Martin Starr, who actually has an interesting tie to the creative side of the team. The actor got his start in Hollywood appearing alongside screenwriter John Francis Daley in the cult favorite TV series Freaks and Geeks. At this time, it isn't known who Starr will be playing, but it might be safe to say that he'll be taking on another 'geek'.

While this is certainly fun news for genre fans, which arrives courtesy of Deadline, THR also has a new report on casting for Spider-Man: Homecoming. They reveal that Prometheus star Logan Marshall-Green has come aboard. Though, no further information has been revealed about his character. Aside from Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, and Aunt May, played by Marisa Tomei, Marvel and Sony are keeping a tight lid on the other iconic Marvel characters that will show up in the movie.

Though, we do know that Robert Downey Jr. will be reprising his role as Iron Man. Michael Keaton is playing the villain, whom many speculate is The Vulture. If true, Homecoming will mark the first time this particular Spider-man villain has been seen on the big screen. Though, Sam Raimi was going to use The Vulture in his canceled Spider-Man 4, which would have been played by John Malkovich. And there were plans to introduce the character in The Amazing Spider-Man 3, which was hinted at in 2's post-credit sequence. The Vulture would have also gone onto feature as one of the Sinister Six, a movie Sony still sounds intent on releasing sometime in the near future.

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There have been rumors that the lesser known villain The Tinkerer will be showing up in Spider-Man: Homecoming. And that might just be the perfect character of the eccentric Martin Starr. Though, the report from THR claims that Logan Marshall-Green is actually playing the secondary villain. The report almost makes it sound as though Michael Keaton's character and Marshall-Green's character are in cahoots. No further story details have been unveiled at this time.

Also joining the cast in recent months are pop star Zendaya, who is playing the unidentified female lead. Though it has been noted that she is not Peter Parker's love interest, but instead a high school classmate. Tony Revolori's unnamed character is a new kind of bully and described as Parker's schoolyard nemesis, which could point to him also being a burgeoning scientist. Laura Harrier is also appearing in the movie. Jon Watts is directing this reboot, with the aforementioned John Francis Daley penning the screenplay alongside his Vacation reboot co-writer Jonathan M. Goldstein. Deadline does seemingly confirm that Michael Keaton is playing the Vulture, but we believe that is just hearsay at this point, as it has never been confirmed by Marvel and Sony.

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B. Alan Orange