It's been just over a month since Marvel's Spider-Man: Homecoming started filming in Atlanta, with many fans wondering if the cast and crew would take a break in the production to swing by Marvel's Hall H panel at Comic-Con yesterday afternoon. As it turns out, those rumors proved to be true, with director Jon Watts and cast members Tom Holland, Zendaya, Tony Revolori, Jacob Batalon and Laura Harrier stopping by to reveal the first footage, along with new concept art that confirms the presence of the movie's main villain, Vulture. While the footage hasn't debuted online quite yet, a new interview with the director and stars reveals exactly who Tom Holland's co-stars are playing.

Heading into SDCC, we knew that Tom Holland, Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. were reprising their Captain America: Civil War roles as Peter Parker, Aunt May and Tony Stark/Iron Man, respectively. However, while the cast continued to grow in the weeks and months leading up to production, the studio would never confirm what characters these young stars are playing. Entertainment Weekly caught up with Jon Watts and his young co-stars after the panel, with the director confirming that Zendaya is playing Michelle, Tony Revolori is playing Flash, Jacob Batalon is playing Ned and Laura Harrier is playing Liz. Here's what Tony Revolori had to say about playing Peter Parker's iconic bully, Flash Thompson.

"I'm [Peter Parker's] bully and I don't know how cool he is, but when we call cut, I'm just like, Ah! You're so cool.'"

When Tony Revolori was cast back in April, he was said to be Peter Parker's schoolyard nemesis named Manuel, but it seems that was all a ruse to protect his character's identity of Flash Thompson. This character is quite important in the Spider-Man comics, and has previously been played on the big screen by Joe Manganiello in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and by Chris Zylka in Marc Webb's reboot The Amazing Spider-Man. In the comics, Flash eventually becomes one of the hosts for the symbiote Venom, which could be explored in future movies. While director Jon Watts wouldn't confirm if Michael Keaton is playing the villain Vulture, which has long been rumored, the director did have this to say about why he's the perfect villain for this movie, which has been described as an "all-out high school movie."

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"Vulture's the first real villain in the Spider-Man comics. He's in the second issue. He's one of the classics from the best rogues' gallery out there, and we've never seen him, he's never been brought to life."

As for the rest of the characters, it is believed that Jacob Batalon's Ned is in fact Ned Leeds. In the comics, Ned is a Daily Bugle reporter who, like Peter Parker, has a crush on J. Jonah Jameson's secretary, Betty Brant and later becomes an incarnation of the Hobgoblin. It seems they may be reconfiguring this character by making him a classmate of Peter Parker, but we'll have to wait and see. Laura Harrier's Liz is most likely Liz Allan, who, in the comics, is Flash Thompson's high school girlfriend, who later married Harry Osborn in the comics. Finally, Zendaya's Michelle is most likely Michelle Gonzales, a recent addition to the comic book continuity who Peter Parker first meets as an adult, hinting again that this movie may be making some big changes to characters established in the comics. Take a look at this six-minute video interview with the cast and director of Spider-Man: Homecoming.