Absolutely huge news, Marvel fans. Spider-Man: Homecoming brought the original Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the summer in a big way, following his glorious debut in Captain America: Civil War. And it looks like he brought another future Spider-Man with him. As revealed in a deleted scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming, Miles Morales is 100 percent confirmed to exist in the MCU. This is not a drill.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming deleted scene made its way online via the Cinemand YouTube channel. It is an extended bit of a scene from the movie where Tom Holland's Spidey is interrogating Donald Glover's character Aaron Davis. Following Spider-Man's departure, Davis is trying to free himself from being secured to his car. His attempts are unsuccessful, so he has to call his nephew and let him know not to expect him. His nephew's name? Miles. That means pretty definitively that Miles Morales is already in the MCU.

In the movie, Donald Glover's character already talked about his "nephew" and, given that he is playing Miles Morales' uncle from the comics who is also the burglar known as Prowler, that pretty much confirmed it already. But having an actual name drop in Spider-Man: Homecoming is very significant. That's something that you can't exactly walk back. Kevin Feige spoke during the press tour for Spider-Man: Homecoming about the existence of Miles Morales and was vague about it, but did more or less say the character exists.

"In the meantime, I think Miles is a big part of the animated movie that Sony's making. But where we go...we definitely want you to go '[Miles] is there. He's there somewhere.'"

That's a bit vague, but having the name Miles said out loud in an MCU movie is the furthest thing from vague. In case you aren't familiar, Miles Morales took up the mantle of Spider-Man in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, which takes place outside of the main Marvel Comics Universe following the death of Peter Parker. He is a young kid of African-American and Hispanic descent who has powers similar to Parker's Spider-Man, but with some differences. The character first appeared in 2011 and quickly became a huge hit with fans and there has been demand to see him on the big screen right away. Since we know the boy who could become the new Spider-Man exists, that possibility is now very real.

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Sony and Marvel have already slated the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel for July 5, 2019. So we could definitely be hearing more about Miles Morales in the relatively near future. Will we eventually see two versions of Spider-Man swinging around the MCU? We absolutely can't rule it out at this point. It is also worth noting Sony is also currently working on an animated Spider-Man movie that will have Miles Morales as the main character, but that movie won't connect to the MCU in any way. Be sure to check out the Spider-Man: Homecoming deleted scene for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott