As we get closer and closer to the July 7 release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Disney XD has debuted a new 22-minute special that takes fans behind-the-scenes of this superhero adventure. This video kicks off with both Tom Holland and Zendaya meeting up and discussing a poster for the movie, which Tom Holland notices has Zendaya's name in a much bigger font than his. Of course, since Tom is playing Spider-Man, he naturally thinks his name should be on top of the poster

This video, from Disney XD goes on to showcase more footage along with interview snippets from Robert Downey Jr., who said the Spider-Man scenes in last year's Captain America: Civil War was a "home run." This video also includes a new interview with Kevin Feige, who claims that Spider-Man is quite simply the greatest superhero of all time. Robert Downey Jr. and Kevin Feige also reveal how they completely related to the Peter Parker character when they were younger. We also hear from Jon Favreau and producer Amy Pascal, while getting a glimpse at new behind-the-scenes footage.

We also hear from director Jon Watts, who revealed that he was a science nerd as a kid, just like Peter Parker was. We also get a glimpse at Peter Parker's homemade Spider-Man costume in some behind-the-scenes footage, but it doesn't seem that he'll be in that suit for long. We've seen previous footage that shows Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) delivering the new suit that Tony Stark designed, which is full of high-tech gadgets like a surveillance drone, web wings, and much more. Tom Holland also speaks about how Spider-Man and Peter Parker are really two different characters, but he wants to bring elements of Peter Parker to Spider-Man, and vice versa.

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This video also features some behind-the-scenes footage of Tom Holland training, while Tom Holland also teases that this story is the closest to the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. Jon Watts also talks about how preparing for college and even talking to a girl is just as stressful for a teenage boy as defeating a super-villain. Kevin Feige also talks about the original homemade Spider-Man suit, while teasing that the Stark-designed suit will be the most iconic version of the Spidey costume.

We reported last month that this new Spider-Man adventure was on track for a huge box office opening weekend of $135 million. While that tally would be far greater than the opening weekends for The Amazing Spider-Man ($62 million) and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($91.6 million), it still falls short of the franchise record of $151.1 million earned in 2007 by Spider-Man 3. Still, the buzz for Spider-Man: Homecoming is quite high, so it's certainly possible that it could exceed these early projections and set a new franchise opening weekend record. Take a look at this extended preview for Spider-Man: Homecoming below.