After a bit of a break, Honest Trailers is back for more. This time, they've decided to take on Spider-Man: Homecoming, in honor of the movie being released on Blu-ray/DVD this week. The popular web series took a break after dealing with the fallout from creator Andy Signore's sexual harassment scandal. But the series is back on track and their latest installment brilliantly takes down and praises the latest Spider-Man movie in equal parts.

There's a lot to love about Spider-Man: Homecoming and, thanks to the failure of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the bar was pretty low for this latest solo outing. And thanks to the decision to not rehash Spider-Man's origin story, casting the perfect Peter Parker and making a genuinely funny, different kind of movie, Homecoming was a big success. But, as this video points out, not without its problems. This movie presents issues with the overall MCU timeline, has some bloated CGI fights, logic issues and, quite noticeably, doesn't present any consequences for Peter Parker's actions. Given the whole, "with great power comes great responsibility" thing that guides Spider-Man, that's a pretty big deal. It looks like Honest Trailer's signature style hasn't been affected by the recent changes.

Despite its problems, Spider-Man: Homecoming is more good than bad. Prior to the release of Captain America: Civil War last year, the idea of another Spider-Man reboot was enough to make fans a little queasy. However, thanks to Tom Holland's excellent performance, Marvel and Sony were able to get people excited about the idea of a new solo Spidey adventure. It also didn't hurt anything that Marvel's resident webslinger was going to finally be making his way into the MCU. Still, as the latest edition of Honest Trailers points out, after six movies and two reboots, Spider-Man: Homecoming was far from a guaranteed success.

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Two studios, both Sony and Marvel Studios were creatively controlling this movie. Spider-Man: Homecoming also has six credited screenwriters and an inexperienced director in Jon Watts, who only had two low-budget indie movies to his name prior to this. Looking at all of that, it's pretty amazing that this movie wound up being as good as it was. Not to mention a huge box office success. Spider-Man: Homecoming blew away The Amazing Spider-Man movies, bringing in $879.8 million worldwide. Problematic or not, Marvel fans were ready to fall in love with Spider-Man again and this movie did the trick.

This edition of Honest Trailers couldn't help but make light of the fact that this is more of a coming of age movie by calling it The Perks of Being a Wallcrawler, which is a play on The Perks of Being a Wallflower. They also do a great job of pointing out that Michael Keaton's Vulture is a surprisingly better villain when he isn't in his armored suit. Be sure to check out the Spider-Man: Homecoming Honest Trailer, courtesy of the Screen Junkies YouTube channel, for yourself below.

Ryan Scott