Spider-Man: Far from Home is officially complete. Jon Watts posted a picture of the young cast on the set to celebrate his accomplishment. The long-awaited sequel opens in theaters at the end of this month in China and early next month in North America, so Watts was taking it to the limit, much like the rest of the directors who work within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Principal photography began nearly a year ago and wrapped in October 2018.

Jon Watts shared an image of the Spider-Man: Far From Home cast huddled around a screen on set to look at some closeups. Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, and Tom Holland can be seen, along with Angourie Rice, who plays Betty Brant, and Tony Revolori, who plays Flash Thompson in the sequel. They all appear to be pretty happy with what they are seeing and hopefully Jon Watts will end up sharing more candid moments like this now that he is out of the editing bay and back to the real world.

Though Spider-Man: Far From Home is complete, much of the movie is still a mystery at this time. The promotional material has strangely given away quite a bit, but many MCU fans believe it is all one giant misdirect. MJ knows about Peter's secret identity, Nick Fury is around, and Mysterio is reportedly an ally. Something seems too fishy for all of this to be going on in the trailers, which is leading to questions about how the movie will unfold. Avengers: Endgame has changed the MCU in a major way and a few snaps might have done some serious damage to the universe.

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Tom Holland's Peter Parker has a lot on his shoulders this time around and he is doing it without his mentor Tony Stark, who sadly passed away in Endgame. The world is mourning his loss and it's time for Parker to stop being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and take a broader view of the world and what he can do to help. There will more than likely be some pretty big hurdles for the young superhero to overcome as he tries to protect his friends and the world without the help of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Surprisingly, Tom Holland has not spoiled any of Spider-Man: Far From Home at this time. There's still a few weeks to go, but it looks like he may have turned over a new leaf after having a few serious talks with Marvel Studios and protecting their secrets. Whatever the case may be, excitement is high for the sequel, which will officially end the MCU's Phase 3 and help to usher in the mysterious Phase 4, which will begin next year. You can check out the Spider-Man: Far From production wrap announcement and cast photo below, thanks to Jon Watts' Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick