Could we be looking at the first ever big screen incarnation of Miles Morales in the latest Spider-Man: Homecoming set photos? Possibly. Earlier in the week, production started on Marvel and Sony's second reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. And ever since we've been inundated with images and casting updates. One of the latest cast additions has everyone speculating that Morales is about to make his debut appearance in this comic book adventure. And now said actor has appeared in costume.

But not that costume. No, Abraham Attah is seen in his high school wardrobe as he makes his way to the Midtown School of Science & Technology. Attah made his breakthrough feature film debut with last year's Netflix drama Beasts of No Nation, and as soon as he was brought forward for Homecoming, rumors began to fly that he's been cast as fan-favorite Miles Morales, who at one point in the comics takes over as Spider-Man. Neither Sony nor Marvel have confirmed that the character is in the movie. But director Jon Watts hasn't denied it, either, even when defending the possible whitewashing of Morales' best friend Ganke.

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Earlier in the month, Donald Glover was cast in an unidentified role. Many believe he is playing an older version of Miles Morales than what is depicted in the comics. The Marvel Comic character is partially based on Glover, and was created in the wake of Donald Glover's campaign to take the lead in The Amazing Spider-Man way back in 2011 before Andrew Garfield was cast. Morales has always been depicted as being younger than Peter Parker, played by 20-year-old Tom Holland in this new movie. Once Abraham Attah was cast, all attention was placed on this 15-year-old being Morales, with Donald Glover possibly playing Morales' dad Jefferson Davis, who serves a key role in the comics. It's possible that Glover could also be playing Morales' uncle Aaron Davis, who passed way in the comic book arc revolving around Morales' family.

As of now, this is all purely speculation and rumor. Though if true, here is our first look at Miles. And it is accompanied by our first look at young actress Garcelle Beauvais, who was just announced. Also very cool is that we get our first look at Silicon Valley star Martin Starr. His charter hasn't been announced either, but it appears he will be playing one of Peter Parker's high school teachers. Could we be looking at a potential future villain? We're sure more will be revealed next month at Comic-Con.

It was announced yesterday that Fargo star Bookeem Woodbine has come aboard Homecoming to play an unidentified villain. He joins Michael Keaton and Logan Marshall-Green, rumored to play Vulture and The Tinkerer, respectively. This brings the villain tally up to three, which has some fans a little concerned. As most fans feel too many bad guys is what plagued both Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. At this juncture, we haven't gotten a confirmation on who any of the villains will actually be. Nor have we seen any of them on set, as this first week of production seems devoted solely to Peter Parker's high school classroom scenes. More will surely be answered in the very near future. While we await more concrete evidence about what is going on with the plot, take a look at these latest images.

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