Hannibal Buress portrays Coach Wilson in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and he apparently wanted to skip the premiere so he hired an imposter instead. I'd like to say it was a look-alike, but that was definitely not the case here because the guy looked nothing like the comedian. Buress is probably best known for his standup career and as Eric Andre's sidekick on the Eric Andre Show, which may very well be where this newest stunt originated from. I can just imagine Buress and Andre concocting the idea together and sitting back to watch the joke unfold.

Buress fired off a few tweets (that have since been deleted) asking for a "look-alike" to stand in for him at the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere. The comedian even offered $500 to somebody who could think on their feet with "solid comedic timing." Actor Joe Carroll took up the gig and went straight to the premiere as Buress, acting like him and even doing interviews. The Hannibal Buress Twitter has a picture of Carroll being interviewed with a caption that reads "I'm out here at the Spider-Man movie premiere. In theaters July 8th." He then sent out a follow up tweet to correct the release date of the movie since it actually comes out on July 7th.

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For the most part, it seems that nobody noticed, which is strange because Carroll looks nothing at all like Hannibal Buress except for the fact that they are both black and have shaved heads. Carroll participated in interviews and then Buress would just sit back and tweet out the videos of the interviews. Marvel has since deleted all of the "Buress'" interviews from the live stream of the event, but some have already been saved and posted many times over.

There is no word yet on how Marvel and Sony feel about Hannibal Buress' Andy Kaufman-like stunt, but removing the interviews from the live streams may show that they weren't as delighted as the comedian was. It was all done for fun, Buress poking fun at his place in Hollywood and it should also be noted that Carroll did a pretty solid job acting as the comedian. He did not hesitate once while be asked questions and delivered lines like a true pro, never breaking character even while signing autographs for "fans." Carroll is a self-described author, screenwriter, director, and actor form Nashville.

It's not too far of a stretch to imagine that most fans of Spider-Man probably aren't familiar with Buress or his work. It's pretty unlikely that they know about his role on The Eric Andre Show or his famous bit about Bill Cosby. And truth be told, Hannibal probably did this to avoid all of those Cosby questions that he was anticipating on the red carpet, as he's already said many times over that he's done talking on that subject. Yet it seems unavoidable at this point. But now they just might know the true identity of Coach Wilson after watching Spider-Man: Homecoming or maybe they won't. Hannibal Buress currently has comedy specials on Netflix and has some sporadic tour dates this summer into the early fall. Check out some of the "Buress'" interviews and Carroll's Instagram posts below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick