Being Spider-Man has to be quite an exciting experience for any actor, especially when they are expected to reboot a franchise with a lot riding on their shoulders. But the first time newcomer Tom Holland stepped into the costume wasn't so much thrilling as it was disappointing. It was something he'd dreamed about ever since he first found out he was auditioning. But the moment proved to be less than what he'd built it up to be. Mainly because it wasn't the suit he'd be calling his own.

Finding the right young actor to play Peter Parker in a new series of high school set movies was no easy task for Sony and Marvel, who are working together to bring Spider-Man: Homecoming to the big screen under a unique partnership. Tom Holland proved he had the athletic ability and gymnastic background needed to perfect this iconic superhero after two others tried before him. Sadly, he was a little too short and skinny for the costume he was asked to first step into on set. Speaking with, he explains the following.

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"Sadly, I have to say it was a little disappointing. My stunt double at the time was a little taller than I am, and I had to wear his suit because they didn't have one for me! So it was kind of baggy the first time I tried it on, and it wasn't as cool as I hoped!"

A lot of the Spider-Man action seen in Captain America: Civil War, where the character will first be introduced, is CGI. But Tom Holland was still required to wear the full body suit and mask for a majority of the time he spent on set in Atlanta. Thankfully, the costume designers when back to the drawing board, hemmed up the suit, and tailored it to fit their new star. About his second attempt at trying the coveted Spider-Man costume on, the actor says this.

"Once they fixed it up, it looked incredible. It was amazing."

Tom Holland made his debut appearance as Spider-Man in the final Captain America: Civil War trailer that arrived last month. He has since been seen in a couple of TV spots before the movie hits theaters next weekend. Spider-Man is said to get around 30 minutes of screen time, with 10 minutes spent unmasked as Peter Parker. Spider-Man: Homecoming begins shooting later this year, and will hit theaters everywhere next summer.