Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland paid a visit to Children's Hospital Los Angeles in costume to surprise patients. It's awesome to see the power that some of these fictional superheroes wield in the real world when it comes to brightening the day of ordinary folk. Spider-Man: Homecoming is a little over a month away and Holland's face is literally everywhere, so it's a prime opportunity to go and put some smiles on faces that so desperately need it. Spider-Man has joined Star Lord, Captain America, and Captain Jack Sparrow who have also recently donated their time to visit children's hospitals.

Entertainment Weekly has shared a heartwarming video of Holland's visit to the hospital where he greeted the patients and even performed stunts for them. This is not Holland's first time visiting a children's hospital. During filming of Spider-Man: Homecoming he visited a hospital in New York and met a fan who told him that Batman was a better superhero, which of course Holland laughed off.

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Tom Holland went in to each room with his mask on, introducing himself and then taking the mask off to pose for pictures and answer questions. At one point in the video Holland takes the time to show a boy how his web shooters work and even showed where he keeps his extra cartridges on his belt. Later in the video he demonstrates a flip for a girl in the hallway while keeping eye contact the entire time and even gives the thumbs up to a young child who has a Marvel Comics cape on. The children were really happy to see the superhero in the flesh and one particular girl commented on how cute Holland is after he removed his mask.

Two years ago, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt made a Super Bowl bet that the loser would have to show up in character to a charity of the winner's choice. Evans won the bet and both and Pratt agreed to go to Chris Haven Children's Hospital in Boston to visit patients. Evans dressed in character as well and the two stars went together and blew the minds of all the patients stuck in hospital beds. But the kicker was that Evans and Pratt went to Seattle's Children's Hospital as well, which was the hospital that Pratt chose if he won. Let's get the cast of Avengers: Infinity War in on this next visit.

It's pretty amazing to see the looks on the faces of the patients when Holland and the other superheroes casually stroll into the hospital rooms. Holland isn't much older than some of the kids in the hospital and you can see that he is clearly enjoying what he's doing and the feeing is mutual. Since Holland has signed on to do a few more Spider-Man movies it's clear that this will not be his last visit to a children's hospital to brighten the day of a struggling child. You can check out the video of Holland's most recent children's hospital below.