Jeremy Renner is weighing in on the Sony and Spider-Man controversy. Earlier this week, it was revealed that Marvel Studios and Sony could not come to an agreement in regard to keeping their shared universe intact with Tom Holland's Peter Parker leading the charge. The relationship between the two studios has been nothing but beneficial to both sides since the deal was first struck. Sony now has their highest grossing movie of all time with Spider-Man: Far From Home and Marvel Studios potentially has the next face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Once the news of the Marvel Studios and Sony split became public knowledge, fans were not having an easy time with it. Anger and sadness is still spreading on social media, with many looking at Sony as the main one to blame. Even Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner posted a message to the studio on social media. "Hey Sony Pictures, we want Spider-Man back to Stan Lee and Marvel Studios please, thank you," said the actor. He also added the hashtags #congrats, #spidermanrocks, and #please.

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Jeremy Renner is one of the first stars from the MCU to publicly comment on the situation and while his social media message has been praised by fans, it's not really going to do anything to get Sony and Disney to come to an agreement. With that being said, inside sources still maintain that a deal can be made in the near future, though that has not been officially confirmed at this time. In the meantime, Marvel fans are starting social media trends and begging Sony and Marvel Studios to come to terms.

Marvel Studios produced Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, while Sony paid for everything and received the box office earnings. It is believed that Marvel Studios was given 5% of these earnings, but they allegedly waived them and took home the merchandise money instead. In exchange, Tom Holland's Peter Parker could come play in the MCU, which has worked out incredibly well for both studios over the years and it's something that has the potential to get much bigger with a third installment and a budding future within the MCU.

It is believed that Marvel Studios is asking for a 50/50 split, which is a far cry from where they have been in the past with the Spider-Man franchise. Sony, understandably does not want to share that much with Marvel and so far, has not agreed to anything further. This has not been officially confirmed, but even if the studios do agree to a new lower split, there are going to be a lot of things to consider to discuss the future and things could get ugly, especially since Sony who is being boycotted by Marvel fans, now has the biggest hit of their theatrical career with Spider-Man: Far From Home. While we wait for the studios to hopefully strike a deal, you can check out Jeremy Renner's Instagram plea to Sony below.