Earlier today, it was reported that Marvel Studios was on the verge of losing Spider-Man due to a dispute between Sony and Disney. It looked like the MCU was on the verge of losing Tom Holland's Peter Parker forever. All may not be lost though, as Sony is now claiming that this dispute all comes down to a 'simple producer credit'. And apparently negotiations are currently ongoing.

So, this means that more Spider-Man movies, tie-ins and spin-offs are still possible for the MCU in the future, if something can be worked out. The story between Disney and Sony in regards to this dispute is still coming together and could change for the better.

Back in 2015, Sony and Marvel Studios reached a deal that allowed Disney to use the Peter Parker character in the MCU, while the rest of Spider-Man's friends and foes were used to create a separate Marvel universe at Sony. Tom Holland made his debut in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, and has gone onto appear in two of his own Sony movies while also appearing in Infinity War and this year's Endgame. Now, it is unclear where Spider-Man stands or where he'll be seen next.

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There has been some confusion over the past couple of years regarding the terms of the deal between Marvel and Sony. Before Spider-Man: far From Home hit the screen, stories started to circulate that if the standalone Spidey sequel didn't make $1 billion at the box office, Marvel Studios would lose Spider-Man for good. But the movie has made well past that.

The latest report claims that Marvel Studios is departing from the Spider-Man franchise, and that Kevin Feige will not be producing any future installments, with no Spider-Man movie or appearance currently announced for Marvel Phase 4. Now we know why. Sony financed Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, and they took home most of the money for those endeavors.

While that was happening, Marvel retained creative control of Spider-Man, using the character how they saw fit within the framework of the MCU leading up to Endgame. Today, it was noted that Disney wanted to take a bigger stake in the financial side of the franchise and its characters. This would allow Disney to make more profit off of them. This is where talks broke down, and it was reported that Sony and Marvel were going their separate ways.

Now, hours later, it is further being reported that not all is lost. A deal can still definitely be reached. Sony has publicly confirmed that the deal breakdown was over a producer credit. Negotiations have not stalled out just yet. It has been noted that Kevin Feige has contributed to some of Son's other Marvel movies, which include Venom, Venom 2 and Morbius The Living Vampire, but he has gone uncredited on some of that work. Sony was the first to report on this with io9 bringing the update.

B. Alan Orange